~~~ Challenge tRue ~~~

**Alrighty guys! **

I have been active on Streetfighter 4 since vannila and have mained bison for a good 4 years plus (Very loyal to the guy!) I have attended 3 tournaments in my career so far, with 2 wins and a 3rd place under my belt. The wins were from smaller ones like for university and a bar, but the 3rd place one was “Yorkshire carnage” this tournement had some great english players who attended; overmostheads, wywywywy, VS Bigfoot to name a few, I actually beat everyone in my pool all the way till Winners finals then was knocked out into loses by problem x (The fucker) lol.

As well as this I have a channel on youtube dedicated to everything street fighter, from tutorials to more creative, casual ideas like subs choice (where the subs choose a character I play and see a day1 or at most week 1 perspective of how I play them) and play till I lose. (you can guess this concept lol)

Throughout my time on youtube I have been trying to premote the game to a wider audience and also help everyone improve there game, mostly there footises and spacing, this seems to be overlooked by many on how important it is!

Now I have another concept - Challenge tRue

Basicly It would be a FT5 vs anyone whos willing to give me a fight. I would tape the games and give live commentary which would be uploaded to my channel. The layout would be as follows

**Challenge tRue - Super Street Fighter 4 [First to five] TrU3Ta1ent vs Futuralab (HD) **(example)

The description would be a link to your youtube and then a bit about the new series.

I would love to vs people who would also be recording for that double commentary kind of thing which would be very interesting to see both sides of the game but it isn’t necessary. Also you dont need to have a youtube account either.

I have the game on all 3 platforms


I can only record PC matches at the moment but that is only temperery as I bought a capture card and am awaiting some HDMI cables and a splitter

Currently I only can record via PC with Fraps, however I have just bought a Capture card and need some HDMI cables and a splitter to connect to my hdmi output. Then I’ll be able to tape xbox and PS3 games.

So, who wants to Challenge tRue? Just write your name down here with your tag and Ill send you a message, FR and a time for where we can play.

I hope this content will be fun to watch and I look forward to playing with you guys!



TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Sagat) MiserableShuli


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Oni, Akuma, Ryu) JBHAMMER777


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Chun Li) Futuralab


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Guile) XUpYourGameX


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Ryu) ArmchairTitan3


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Ibuki) Futuralab #2


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Gen) Momo7877


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Balrog) Divinemarkpizza


**TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Viper) ManowarBabsi (AMAZING SET) **


TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (Ryu) Littlescumbag


**TrU3Ta1ent (bison) vs (Bison) TheBirdLives (NEWEST) **


I’m a Seth player that knows his shit, I will gladly play you on PSN I got a pretty gud connection too. My PSN = MoroccanJack

Sure. Add me " SaikyoForever" on PSN. This is my Dan-only account that I just started and It’s all I’m playing at the moment!

I’d would love to add my name, but I also play Bison and live on the west coast.
Nobody wants to see a laggy Bison mirror.
I like the idea though hope you rep Bison well.

Im a Bison player, ill play you. XBL, projectjustice.

Great stuff guys! I am using fraps atm (pc only) but I have a sexy black magic cap card just waiting for some hdmi cables and a splitter (and to learn how to use this shizzle! lol)

Yeh that would make us both look bad lol.

Be assured I try my best to show bisons power!

Fucking love the guy :slight_smile:

Yeah I be up for a few games.
On PC or Xbox 360,
Stavanger1 is my gamertag for both. In Ireland so the connection should be okay between us.

Where are you from?

He from the UK

Perfect dude! Im gona be adding everyone soon. who u main?

As Ryuken said i’m from the uk BUT I can play people on the east coast of usa with minimal lag.

Very interesting. I’ll take on your challenge.

I’d also be happy to do double commentary as well. Most of my work is very similar to what you’re doing as well. The only difference is that I livestream most of my events and I’m currently helping to build a bigger AE PC Community.

BTW, I main Guile.

Alrighty mate!

Great to see another commentator. Yeh man haha gully, such a hard match for bipson! But once ure in u can do good dmg

Im gona add all you guys soon, Ill prob get some pc footages up first as still waiting on HDMI cables :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to the games mate :slight_smile:

Would be cool if u recorded too and we could see both perspectives :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be more than happy to. I can get some offline pro players to do the review and commentary as well if need be.

LittleScumbag is my gamertag/id on any platform … i usually do good in the bison matchup since my friend “Pfadec3cut3r” has a really really solid bison and i played with him countles times… id love to try you

Sounds ace dude! :wink:

Cool videos, but where is the high level gameplay?

Thanks matey :slight_smile:

In the FT5’s hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know man… I see M.Bison who only cares about combos, and jumps 10 times every round and nobody seem to have good anti air. You’re giving yourself too much credit for beating beginners on GFWL. This is not HORRIBLE gameplay, but it’s not high level either. :sunglasses: