Hey guys!
I’ve just started to play at SSFIV AE, and I am almoust new even in the world of fighting games.
I have a very basilar question: in this two days, with the intent to learning something about the game mechanics and some moves of all the characters, I was doing some of the challenges avaiable. I’ve reached more or less the tenth in every character, but when the combo challenge start (1 low weak punch and 1 medium punch, for example), that’s the moment when I’m stucked. I do not understand if it’s a problem of game’s learning ( and then if i have to speed myself) or if it’s my game pad (PC Twin Shock, with two analog and twelve keys) that has a slow time response compared to the Xbox’s one, but it seems strange to me, becouse keyboard is certainly slower than the pad.
Maybe there’s a way to make that challenges. In every combo i give the first shot, but in the second one if the character it’s not too fast the character training saved that, and so again and again.
Can anybody help me with its safe and far more effective experience?

Thanks a lot!

Those challenges are LINKS. Usually 1 or 2 frame links. The idea of a link is that you hit the opponent with the first attack, wait for your character to recover and only then press the next attack button. Obviously, a 1 frame link gives you a 1/60th of a second window in which to press the button, which boils down to you learning the timing into musle memory.

I method that helped me is to not spam the second attack, but only pressing it once. If the opponent blocked the attack, you were too late. If the attack didnt come out, then you pressed it too early (during the recovery frames of your first attack).

Adjust your timing and try again, and again, and again, till your can get the feel for it.

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Ok thanks for the suggestions, i have to try a lot.
So that is not a trouble due to the gamepad and its speed? I saw that some people (above all in the regional tournament) use an arcade gamepad stick, maybe because of the greater precision of the analog controller.

I cant really comment on the speed of the gamepad since I’ve never used that one. But if you practice like I mentioned and find out you are hitting the link reliably by pressing the second attack a bit before you can visibly see your fighter recover from the first attack, then there is likely a delay. Then again, if you can’t notice a delay between pressing your first button and your attack starting up, then your controller isn’t your problem.

Regarding arcade sticks, they are superior for fighting games, but not necessary. One big advantage it has for links is that you can plink easily with an arcade stick. You can check the newbie section about plinking.

Yes thanks, I have followed your suggestion and so a couple of challenges are already done :wink: