Cham-Cham in SS:Tenka (plus NGBC footage)

In a arcade presentation at Mexico, Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum and Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden were playable. You can see a video (in low and “high” options) here:

Dont bother if youre only interested in the SS footage, because its jumpy and blurry as fuck (plus, people are always walking in front of the screen). Only download it if youre interested in NGBC footage (better - the camera is closer and mostly still). You can also see them fight them defeat Mizuchi (the fake Orochi), so it shows one of the (three?) “bad” endings.

In the video you can see a little bit of the SS Tenkaichi opening, and Cham-Cham is in there (which means the only characters not confirmed yet are Sieger, Earthquake, in-game Kuroko and playable Poppy).

P.S: I wouldnt really recommend download the 80 meg version, because the people playing are not good at all.

P.S.2: First person to post this at MMCafe is a jack-ass.


Someone at mentioned seeing Earthquake and Sieger in the video (he also mentions Gen-an, Nicotine and Wan-Fu, but we all knew those were in already). I went through it frame by frame, and i can see Earthquake clearly (at the top, behind Cham-Cham). But the one he says is Sieger… i cant even make out what the fuck that is.


Someone from Mexico reports Akari in NGBC has a DM where Takuma, Todoh, Earthquake and Kusaregedo appear.

sssssweet! :cool:

good ole cham cham is back! :slight_smile:

when does this drop?

August in Japan, IIRC.

GOD DAMMIT all that shit drops after I have to leave Japan…:sad:

BC was lookin smooth in the video…and yeah i got the 80MB version, didnt bother to see the SamSho part tho…

is this vid being hosted some where else ? because this link is mega slow

i have the vid…who do i send it to?


New character Iroha (hot!):


Cham-Cham (no pantsu!):

Earthquake is also in this issue. Scans come from

OK now they’re gonna make SS doujinshis with that babe as the main chick.
Anyway back to topic, I ain’t a fan of SS, but I might play this if I ever get the chance…or if they add Asura in it.

Man…I don’t even know I have a maid fetish when I get hit by stuff like that.

And why oh why do they keep making CC younger and younger?

OMG ! Neinhalt is BAAAACK ! Damn, now I really gotta find an aw !

P.S. The cham CG is sick (her cloth is supposed to be swinsuit-like, not exhib-like ???)

Everyone is, actually.

Holy shit! That’s some sweet-ass Tenka-character news!

Now all we need is Shiki/Asra to make the DM complete.

If this game doesn’t come to the US, I’m going to personally cry like a little baby.


If this game is loosely following the timeline by placing the dream match right after SS0, then she’d HAVE to be younger.

Then again, Rimururu would have to look older…I don’t think the Loli guys would accept Cham^2 taking Rimururu’s throne…=/

Heh, Cham-Cham never wore any underwear. You can straight see her bare butt during several of her moves in SS2 :badboy:

And thats why those games need to go high-res.

Is Ukyo in this new SS? Oh yeah Iroha does look hot.

No, no, no, and NO.

Everybody is.

Yeah thats awesome. Ukyo is my main man!