Cham I have a big project for ya

Well, it seems like alot to me. I got these two pics that I wanted an avatar made out of. One is a pick of Heihachi with lightning around his fist. The other is a pick of akuma in a similar pose. I wanted them back to back. I dont know how hard it is going to be to scale them down to match each other, but I wanted to get as much of the face and hands in the avatar. As for the background, you can put some of those purple clouds that I’ve come to love. Big Thanks on this one.


Shouldn’t be too hard… but where is the 2nd picture?

aw shit, my bad

I was thinking about putting the lightning around his fist too, but that may be too much.

i’ll get to this tonight… sorry about the delay

Eh, its no prob

whenever you get the chance

hows this?

that’s it, right on the money

'preciate it