Champ or Chump?



I personally think Dan sucks cause he is a sucky downgrade of Ryu!First,he has such short range!Second,man,he has bad reaction time!And third,his so called**Hadoken isn’t even 1 feet away from him!So that’s why I say,Dan is a chump!So no offense to Dan players(but I doubt there are any)




By definition, chump. But if you can win a tournament with him, it makes the other guy look absolutely horrible, making him Champ.


no. that a stupid theory. you cannot go on, trying to make a debate on whether or not dan is feasable to use competatively, because storyline wise, and in technical aspects, he sucks. He has no outstanding tools, and that is common knowledge. dont try to argue it.

this thread is some fool trying to get people to post and argue a moot point.




If you’re just saying he sux because his hadouken doesn’t go as far, then GTFO. Now. Dan has the “magic kneedrop” (qcb + lk), which compensates for lack of far range hadouken. Also, notice his strikes are different from Ryu. Dan does not practice Ansetsukan like Ryu does, but instead his own art called Saikyo.

I’m working on a concept for a 3D fighting game in which Dan runs a fighting tournament…that would make for a rather interesting story.


he’s good for making a fool out of your opponent if you think you can win with such a ridiculous character ! lol
i just use him as a close range ryu/ken …

haha … his level 3 kamakaze has gotta be the most daring of moves !
just like the yoshimitsu move where he stabs himself ! … XD

we need more dan fans ! lol

my fav move is his autograph ! lol


I’m a scrub when it comes to uses shoto’s effectively in MVC2, but for some reason I’m a LOT better up-close with dan ,than i am with ryu or

His close-up moves seem to hit “harder” or something. I try to use Ryu like i use dan, and it just doesn’t work…


favorite psyche out with Dan is auotgraph and when they come close for a free hit XX into super!:rofl:


Or your opponent could just super you…LOL.

Random Dan ish:, c.fp xx qcb + lk (whiff), otako michi. You’re in great range grab them.


Dan is an amazing character. he has lots of weaknesses, to be sure, but use him long enough, and you’ll start to notice he does some things better than the other shotos.

besides that, Dan isn’t just about choosing him to embarrass your opponent, but also to earn you respect; it takes a LOT of skill to win with Dan, and that’s what makes him Dan, and that’s what makes you look cool.

also, compared to all the serious characters in the SF series, Dan is a breath of fresh, comedic air.


I take it you’ve never played SNK’s “Art of Fighting?” Dan is Capcom’s spoof of Robert Garcia from that game.