Champions Online or Aion?

I’m thinking about maybe picking up one of these games next month but I’m having a hard time deciding. Is there anybody knowledgeable about either game that could maybe make a suggestion?

Aion Online from what a friend tells me is nothing more than a pretter version of WoW.

Champions Online what I can tell you works alot differently. You’re given your super hero abilities at the start, copy right names are blocked off (But people do it anyways) , uh, the combat isn’t as clunkey as City of Heroes is, and the game is based off of less instances (Unless you’re fighting a final boss of a scenario.) I’m just regurgitating what I heard from a friend though.
OPEN BETA for Champs Online starts on the 14th though, or somewhere around that time.

Thanks for the info. I have been hearing from some friends that Aion is another WoW clone as well. I felt CoH/CoV had a lot of potential but it something about it… just could not keep me interested. I guess I’m still on the fence at this point… maybe I’ll just wait until both have been out for a couple weeks and get a first hand look at both before I buy.

I’m pretty excited for Champions, hoping to find my way into the beta but that seems unlikely now that I can’t find a mac port of it. Anyway, it looks like City of Heroes 2, which is fine by me since I loved CoH.

Aion looks pretty but that’s about it. I hear good things though.

Yeah, anything with an interface is a WoW Clone to people though.

Aion IS pretty, by far the best looking and most detailed MMO I’ve ever played. There is a lot of things about it that are similar to other MMOs (I won’t say similar to WoW, because even that’s similar to other older MMOs.) but that’s just the way the genre is. It’s like saying every fighting game is a clone of another because it has special moves, supers, etc.

Aion brings some nicer things to the table, I’d say the most prominent being it’s actually a pvp game. I’d say do what you just posted, try both and see which you like more. If you knock it off your radar, assuming it’s a WoW clone though…well that’s your loss really. The US version has been having Beta weekends for a while now, so there’s no reason why you can’t try it.

Aion is similar to Lineage 2, another game made by NCSoft. Anyone that calls Aion a WoW clone is an idiot. Anyways, if you like to grind for hours and hours, lose xp on death and like pvp, go with Aion. If you like to carebear, Champions Online? Don’t know what you do there but if you just play superhero, no pvp I guess :arazz: