Championship Arcade Joystick for PSone

Has anyone ever heard of this? I saw it on ebay today, and from the picture it looks pretty decent, and maybe even modable. Has anyone ever had one of these or know anything about them? thanks.

Whoa that think looks pretty not bad.

I’ve had one before. They were made for the Super Nintendo back in the day. If the one you are looking at is for PlayStation then it was probably modded. They come stock with a Happ Ultimate joysticks and Happ Horizontal push buttons. The case is decent for it’s price but a little flimsy. It is made out of plastic so what can you expect. Personally I’d rather have a case made out of wood or out of some sturdy metal. If you need a budget case though the champion ship stick will get the job done. I paid about $15 shipped for the one I had and personally I don’t think it is really worth any more than that.

That looks pretty dope.

Looks ligit…

I also had a couple of those for the snes back in the day! They were pretty sweet. I little light though. I have never seen a PS one though maybe its a mod. It performed flawless if I remember correctly.

I don’t think this one is a mod. It was on an ebay auction, and by looking at the other items he was selling, He didn’t seem like he was into joysticks much :stuck_out_tongue: The auction is still on ebay under the name listen in the topic if anyone is interested in it. It was going for about 10 bucks plus shipping. no bids
actually, having taken a closer look at the case, I’d say its for the SNES and maybe he confused it for a PSone controller? If not it’s definatly a mod.

I have a couple of those. Love 'em. I use them on my PC with a SNES/USB convertor.

Look’s pretty legit, I wouldn’t mind one.