Championship Beauty

If a Claw won Evo…

I would be…

I would do…

I would feel…

What would your reaction be if our man was standing over a defeated Daigo?
If he was the last man standing, getting all the pub. We’d be using a championship character.

Pipedream, but still, a dream…

I would be…shocked, and mad no one told me Daigo started using Vgea.

I would do…a million back flips and wall dive off my house in the name of Vega.

I would feel… like I was in the twilight zone, or one weird ass motherfucking dream.

I would be…Insanely shocked but bouncing off the walls about it.

I would do…a backflip and yodel until the cows come home.

I would feel…Ecstatic but then kinda annoyed because then we’d just have this annoying increase of Vega’s that don’t know their ass from their elbow trolling this forum with “HOW DOEZ I WALLDIVEZZZZ~!”

is makoto @evo?

As far as we are aware. No.

Tatsu will be there though, correct?

i would be shocked

i would switch mains cuz the next day ther would be 10000000 more ppl using vega. and i will be damned if i play the same character as everyone else.

i would feel probly the same…no big deal its just a game…right??..

nah dumbshits would drop him within 5 minutes after realizing he is to technical.

OK guys

Snuck into money match area today,

got some buddies chumming with Chris Hu

I says lets money match

I win 3-0

OK Marn says money match me

I win 3-2

People go batshit fuckingcrazy ‘who dis vega etc.’ i got my buddies talking me up, great shit i was grinning ear to ear

then i played rico suave and lost 3-1, so many people talking shit. i kinda lost my cool, got hit by a couple breathless -_-

But I made my mark =))))) I can make it out of pools =DDDD

Fuck yeah joz, just channel your inner Makoto. Just finished watching his set with Uryo, gdlk shit. Keep it rollin man x)

you made money!

that’s what counts hahahah

good shit jozhear over there. Bring the gold back home to spain!

I would be…pleasantly surprised.

I would do…nothing.

I would feel…indifferent.

I mean sheesh, I wouldn’t be maining Vega if I didn’t already think he could bring home the cup(or golden sticks in this case); well that and I have fun playing him. But it would be nice to have some “bad” characters in the top bracket.

Hahah, Vega is not technical :'D

execution wise, the fuck he is. thats why i chosse him. i dont have to input a shit load of things. but those core mechanics make him technical in a sense. spacing, hitbox knowledge, stuff like that. hey do you guys do this? up close cr.lp and then a close st.hp. makes for fun combo’s.

Hmm… There’s a different word for that I think. Technical would be more like a character whose moveset is really based on hard execution (is there even someone like that in SFIV except Viper? Haha).
What you’re trying to say is he’s hard to play in terms of getting to know the spacing and the hitboxes for the situational anti airs in all the matchups.

Does anyone have the link the to final 32 bracket? I’d love that right now :slight_smile:

yeah. thats what im getting at. pretty much to be decent you have to master the core mechanics of SF.