Championship Edition SF4 Tournament, +$200 4 1st place, April 10th, SoCal/ Upland


Oh Sign me up for this too! I have no clue how to pre-register! I hope this it it!

Teresa <3

count me out on this axis, i found out im working that day

For those not familiar with the area, James Games sign faces west so you wont see it if your heading west. Easiest way to get in the parking lot (imo) is to head south on Redhill and make the first left. Not sure if google maps or map quest tells you that so i thought it may be useful info. Delete if unnecessary.

sign me up

Got you down teresa and roman and sorry you cant make it JDeez. Unedus I’m pretty sure you ment to say redding not redhill :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m missing the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown for this.

You are lucky.

No wonder chef, you are the one that is lucky for having the chance to participate in this event XD!!! But seriously thx for supporting James Games, the James Games Crew and I really appretiate it.

When’s the earliest we can show up to James Games? I’d like to get in some DDR before the tourney. Thanks


Might be there…
Need to hustle some feds!

lll be at James Games at 11am