Championship Ranks

What level are you and how many have you won?


Level G3-B
3 Championship Wins
1 Runner Up

Level G2-E

And I honestly can’t remember exactly how many wins I’ve had or runner-ups.

I just got my G2-E rank…2173 GP

I won 13 Championships in G3 and 9 Runner ups.

In G2 so far I have won 1 Championship.

Don’t have a lot of time to play but working myself up there. :wgrin:

as of right now, im G3-A with right at 1800GP so ill be G2-E before long. i could play it more and rank up quicker, but eh, why do all that? lol

G2-D with like 3340ish GP.

G-2 E 2693 i couldn’t take it anymore; 24 championship wins 4 runner ups altogether.

please if you’re decent send me a friend request.

g5-d 3600 22 champ wins 19 runner ups

G2-D ~4k - No idea how many wins, where do you check?

G2-D, lots of differently skilled players in this bracket fersure

G2-A and I suck… :frowning:


Like 50 pts away from G2-D. I think I’ve won 1 G2, and 4 or 5 runner ups?

G2-D 4K, going for 5k this weekend.

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I do enjoy seeing your replays on the leaderboard. :slight_smile:

I’m G2-B and 7835GP not that it matters

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not haha. I’m bad though for real

Once I get a stick though… and get used to it… I should be a lil better

i’m at like g-2 a with 17 wins in g3 and something like 70 wins in g-2 so far! with like 17 runner ups i think

GP should be around 12,000!

I’m at G-1 15127

G2-B now.:rock:

Going for G2-A this weekend.

i have no life so i’m at g1 with 15400 cp. stop playing for the last couple of weeks due to lack of people in g1.