Championship Update Comes To Consoles April 24th



I woke up this morning hearing that Capcom has two huge announcements, hoping one would be about the DLC. I found this

I am excited:wgrin: anyone esle excited?


I was in the other threads, but not so much in this one. JK.


THANK GOD! I can’t stand not having blind side character selection… ><


sweet i have officially wet myself with excitement this will be great!
thanks for the info


OMG! I was wondering what happened to this. I thought Capcom might have dropped the ball on it.

Finally, BRANCHES! Now all we need are casual play lobbies for parties. :frowning:


Hmm, I thought it was dated the 24th for japan?

He still doesn’t say the 24th US release…

Hopefully its a worldwide thing.