Chances of 5th character being Dorai

I was wondering what you people think the chances of the 5th character added would be Dorai, Chun li’s father.


Chundad with Yun/Yang/some Gen/some Chun-Li moves would be sick.

It’s both totally unlikely and my best guess.

What we know is that it’s going to be somebody who’s “very much related to street fighter”, but hasn’t ever been in a fighting game, and isn’t on people’s radar. I’d say it’s another character from Final Fight, but most Final Fight characters who are worth putting in a fighting game were in the actual Final Fight fighting game, and the fact that they say the character “isn’t on anyone’s radar” implies that it’s not a totally new character, otherwise you wouldn’t bother saying that.

So unless it’s Linn Kurosawa or something, the only characters I can think of are Chun’s dad and Dan’s dad, but it’s probably somebody else completely.

Goutetsu too. Isn’t there a statue of him in the temple stage?

Evil Chun confirmed

Satsui No Sorry

I apologize, no seriously…

Couldn’t you have just posted this in the 5th character speculation thread? This really doesn’t need its own thread.