Chang...what's his strategy?

What’s Chang’s strategy? I see him used in K groove a lot and I got owned a few times and I couldn’t figure it out lol. Someone care to share? Oh and how to beat him with K Blanka or something lol.

From what I’ve seen, big qualifier, he is something of a zoning character. He uses Choi to attack from a distance, and then get in for his strong normals.

I think your best bet with Blanka is to try to get in on him and pressure. Watch out for throws and the spinning ball.

Anyone else got better info?

Use df.hp a lot. Faster than blankas slide, doesnt go as far, high hit stun, good meaty attack.

Low jump hk is good. Best anti air is either c.fierce for crossups or jump back hp (best in the game?).

Lj hk cancels(links on CH i think) into rush super. Use other super for chip as its 100% safe

Zone with choi attacks. Meaty attack where he spins (qcb k?) is good into c.jab and from there you go either into wait for ch jab x2 xx ball or command grab.

His fastest attack is his punch throw lol.

Generally your zoning with choi and attempting to get in to land a command grab.

dp k is okay from far but hcf.k is better to get in.

The strategy is to knock you down usually or in some way make you block Choi. Then when you’re blocking Choi, I get a chance to get some free guard bar damage. From this point with about 1/3 of a bar left you’re going to start getting nervous, I try random slides or random spinnyballs to get you back down, then I do it again, guard break you into free combo. Sometimes if you’re the jump happy type when your guard meter is getting low, I’ll try and set up the b-f+p autoguard move, but it’s a really bad move.

In the meantime, I low jump around with fierce and try and create some space. If you get hit with a jump back fierce, I’m calling hcf+rh Choi and getting a free hit of guard bar and going back to this pattern. If Choi hits you, I’ll slide to get you on the ground.

If you happen to fall down in the corner, he has some mixups with hcf+rh Choi. You can call Choi and then as they stand up, command grab them before Choi gets there. Or if they block low, low jump rh (Choi hits here), low jab jab xx spinnyball. Or if they block high, low short (Choi hits here), low fierce xx spinnyball. Pretty low level mixup but it’s Chang. You can make it super advanced if you’re 2P by low jumping empty over their body and crossing them up, but you have to call Choi at a different time than normal so most people will only fall for this once or twice.

Low jab is 2 frames and an OK poke. Low forward is a decent poke. Low strong is good for distance. Stand rh is passable. These, slide and low jump back fierce are your pokes. If you hit another button, you’ll probably die for it.

Chang does good against people who don’t move forward. Even against some high tier characters who don’t move forward. There was a long period of time when even good Sagats would have a hard time with my Chang. At whatever Evo Tokido won, I played him in winners finals of our bracket and counter charactered his Sagat with Chang and won that round pretty easily. Crowd went wild, I felt like a stud. (I then honked a big lead with my Hibiki vs. his Blanka and choked but let’s not get into that because Jay might try to kill himself). There are still a few “good” Sagats out there who turtle too much who might lose to Chang. A lot of bad copycat Yamazakis will lose to Chang, some superturtle Blankas will also.

The solution to beating Chang is to put some offense on him. Without being able to RC the ball (the only Changs you will fight will be in K groove) he has no real reversal type move so a lot of characters can beat him by just getting up in his face and hitting a button of their choice over and over. Chang vs. Cammy is a nightmare, even if you guess right and counter some of her moves she can recover in time to hit you anyways. Yay. Sagat can ruin his life with the best normal in the game aka s.short. He has no answer for that and it’ll counter hit basically everything he has.
For your example with K-Blanka once you knock him down you can crossup for free on him. You can jump from distance almost for free, his only real anti-air from a properly angled jumpin is guessing on the counter. You can low jump for free. Once you get in close and don’t know what to do just hit jab a lot. From there you can either setup a crossup or do some kind of pressure string, or low forward xx hopback and wait for him to move then slide/anti-air him depending on his next move. Chang doesn’t like pressure.

When CvS2 first came out, I was talking to a friend and he said “Chang is about as good as a gimmick character can be”. This is pretty accurate and I still agree with this. He’s basically a giant gimmick. If you don’t deal with his gimmick right, he can stand up to top tier. Once you know the secret he’s not even really in the game anymore.

–Jay Snyder

You can send a short, jab, or elec at choi if he sends him from afar, but do make sure you can’t be punished right after you knock out choi cause that wreaking ball hurts.

EDIT: If you play chang from afar as he trys to get in with sending choi in 1st, you can see alot of openings where he can be punished while he calls on choi, its a matter of how you wish to punish him. As long as you can keep him at a distance with pokes and such and your not next to a wall Chang with have a tough time.

Viscant - you got a video of that match?

I Like to play Chang sometimes. But in C groove.

And I call j. HP Gods Ball. But even though, he is lazy and lack a good anti-air, c.HP can be done in the same situation as Gief’s c.MP, it should de done early to hit, and, against Small jumps, forget it.

As he is not top tier, regardless his strenght, he cannot do much damage. But can do well, as Viscant said, against some tops and turtles.

And most of his game is based in “Go spin, slave!” and “Fly away, mini Freddy!”, this last one, you can zone with Ch.B-F+P, to get a free Guard Damage, and put in Block Stun to have a little time for Choi to come back.

And I like to use “Go Spin, Slave!” to get free to jump in , there comes the setups: Empty jump, c.jab jab xx spinball, empty jump, command grab, No jump but c.FP Slide, Jump in FP then combo or command grab/normal grab/tick throw.

Nothing much besides this. But he is not a low tier in my point of view. It is simple, he is just not Sagat, A-Sak, A-Bison, Blanka…

Chang is good if you can scare the other person by hitting him randomly with Choi. For some reason this scares people then they just dunno what to do.

Off topic kinda:

I was Bison, I did headstomp, and I was going behind cpu Chang, Chang did hcb + short im guessing and Choi hit me instantly when I went behind Chang. I was like 0_o?

It was like Choi was tracking me as I was going behind him, because Choi didn’t disappear behind the screen like he usually does, as I moved, the screen moved and Choi never disappeared. But when he starts to move again, he right next to you do you get hit pretty much instantly and unexpectedly.


hcf + k: Wall dive Choi
hcb +k: Tornado Choi

So wtf happened? Choi just wait for the right moment or were all the time walking to the wall?

Looks like Choi can sometimes, like Dudley’s flower, stop combos if he reach the wall before you get combo’ed. Like viscant said, if you are in the rigt corner, for exemple, order the slave Choi to wall dive in the left wall, and you are safe, do do meaty attacks, because even getting hit by delaying the attack (unless by a super), Choi will protect you, like he can do against projectiles.

Yay for Viscant’s. For someone who’s never played with OR against Chang, that explanation almost makes me want to give him a shot. Guidebook says low jab is 4 frames though, not 2.

it was hcf

my mistake

The DP+Kick (Choi Claw) Is also good as a far anti-air (but it is lazy) and zoning, follow with a Ch.B,F+P.

probably 2 frames to hit and 2 to recover…

the last 2 frames only really matter when the opponent has a 2 or 3 super … but not sure if viscant just messed up

I think chang has random moves and is really miss understood (not by viscant)… hes not as huge a he seems and not as slow either but it takes alot of partice and knowledge to get a feel for his counter and pokes…

-his spinning ball is just great (you can cancle and reactivate pretty quickly)

-hes a mix up machine… choi creates mixups from a distance (if opponnet has no level 3 meter) espically when chang has a level 3

-often times changs size cause players to activte air attacks too soon allowing chang to throw after contact

I was talking about startup only, so was Viscant.

thanks for the info viscant; i’ll try to keep it in mind next time I play K Chang, although that’s pretty rare.

his strategy is sit there and get raped

Lol, I was almost going to say that.

Except not.


he’s going in c.a.k.p but once you get in on his fat ass. wat is going to do nothing but sit there and take the beating of a life time. He just sucks it’s said to say it cuz i play with him in kof. and he’s alot better in those games then he’ll ever be in cvs2.

Guard break, Psychi RC ball, JD x comand throw, parry x throw/sweep, auto guard b f+p move. Hes not helpless