Change Air Blade

Recently just got into this game and I finally got my head around how everything works. I really enjoy this game, I am not sure which craft I prefer. I just know that moving slow is like certain doom.
thoughts? strategies?

never heard of this till this thread!

i stayed up till 5 this morning playing haha. really fun =D

…it’s a fighting (or should I say versus) scroller shooter arcade game. Weird.

been messing with this more!

it seems like there is definately a tier list, so im gonna play more and see what i come up with XD.

awesome! keep the four of us posted. I am still tackling the irritating AI in single player mode to really get a feel for all the ships.

you can somehow perform multiple boss attacks at once. /thread

Ive been playing with my friend for the past few days, we are hooked on this game. My favorite ships are the Stonegolem and the Cycrops (the two on the far right), all the ships are capable of kicking ass though.
I hate the boss form for Omega Arrow, it seems like every time I play against it I get killed by a new attack pattern.
Where did you hear about the multiple boss attacks?

Just checked this game out. Its really addicting, and wish there were a couple more like it. If you play vertical shooters, you really have to give this one a try, especially the versus mode with a human player.

Useful forum thread here (look particularly for mikwuyma’s post and also how the thread degenerates into name-dropping better PvP shooters):

Essentially, the top (boss) side in PvP has the ridiculous advantage and the game is beyond broken. Still can be fun for a little while, though.