Change Auto-Fire/Turbo button switches from HRAP PS2


I would like to change HRAP button, but for have the same colors I need to change Auto-Fire/Turbo button switches from HRAP PS2, do you know where i can find it and how to change it please?

I would bluesky.


Unless there was another version of the HRAP with those switches in sky blue, there’s probably no way other than to have the existing switches re-cast in a different color resin/plastic.

Or paint them but ehhhhhhhhh…

If you want to be insane, find a sacrifice called the Hori Wii fighting stick. It has Sky blue switches you can gut, sadly it only has 8 switches but its better than nothing. [details=Spoiler]


Here’s a comparison shot of them next to the regular blue Hori turbo switch and Sanwa light blue button.

I sent you a pm op.

Thanks for you advise.

What’s kind of paint can I use ?

My goal i(ts to trasform this stick :

to this nearly:

Oh Gosh, I find unless you are experienced and skilled in painting.
That painting a stick never comes out that great.

Also I though this was you stick here

Painting a black case with white paint never comes out that great

No just paint the turbo switch, I receive the model I will change:

other idea 3D print…

i have tried painting the turbo switches on my ps2 hori from orange to white but the paint peels later on down the road

the HRAP2 is valuable still.

dont paint it, collectors like that stick

sell the HRAP2 (personally my favorite stock hrap) and pay a bit extra + plus what you gain, and buy a HRAP2SA.

that’s my advice, it seems like you want the HRAP2SA in the first place.

I agree with this. If you really want the blue just buy the 2SA. Painting it is almost blasphemous. This is what I meant by “but ehhhhhhhhh”.

Thanks but the HRAP2SA is very expansive (nearly 200 eur) and very diffciult to find in mint conditions.

Come on, nonosto, it’s not like you want to buy a sports car. If a HRAP2SA is what you want, buy the bullet and buy it (provided you can find it in good condition).
Like others said already, painting your HRAP will be very disappointing in the short and long term, don’t do it (waste of time, material, etc)

Good thing you already have a stick that people seek out. It should be fairly simple to sell what you have to fund what you want.


You know a way to find a HRAP2SA in mint condition (if it’s possible cheap), and how much can sold my HRAP 2 (mint near new, like new in box…)
I have not yahoo auction account.


Maybe trade it with money …

Yeah its called selling your stuff.

Pretty sure he means trade plus cash.

Trade a Hrap 2 for a Hrap 2 SA plus some cash?

Thats a lop-sided trade.

What I done in the past was get a Hrap 3 or Hrap EX and just eliminate the guide area with new art and plexy.

I think you may be missing the OP’s objective here. He wants the light blue accents.