Change BnB?

I’m gaining a liking to chang. I’m liking yamazaki, chang, sagat(2) in K groove. this is i know no BnB combos with chang. all i know is crocuhing lp,lk, super. that’s it. any useful combos with him?

strats would be great also.

Chang is not really much of a combo character…

chang is about getting somebody in the corner, and go buttonbash the punchbutton, ull see how fast gaurd breaks :smiley:

choi owns

the guy has to have one combo that works when the opponent makes a mistake @_@ so you saying he take take advantage of any mistakes? only thing i can do is grab at this point. unless i have a super where i do cr. jap, short, super. that about it.

C.lp, C.lp, C.lp Spinning Ball…

thanks, gotta try that one out.

L. Punch, L. Kick, M. Kick, H. Punch


L. Punch, L. Kick, M. Kick, Level 3 Wild Ball

in c groove:

c.lp, c.lp XX lvl 2 rush super, during the spinning ball, whiff command grab, c.lp, XX lvl 1 rush

basic strat i do with chang is throw choi out and just counter whatever opponent does. ex: jump over choi > j.fp, roll pass choi > command grab, etc.

use choi to push your opponent into the corner.

in corner chip away. i dont remember the guard chain i do, but its with spinning ball and choi.

in corner vs blocking opponent, c.lp, c.lp, lp spinning choi, walk forward a tad, command throw. …whee!

his rush super can hit airborn opponents if they jump at you…like iori’s.

What do you do if Chang’s stuck in the corner? Just about the fastest move he has must be his punch throw. . Probably the safest bet is AC.

I don’t know exactly what the startup of his command grab is, but I know the range is somewhat longer than 52 pixels, you could play a quasi-Raiden with that I think.

I like short “kill the innocents” then walk forward d.LPx4 xx LP Spinning Ball, or just HP spinning Ball at max distance during Choi’s animation. Doing the spinning ball at the right distance keeps him safe from most reversal DP’s or whatever wake-ups the opponent’s got in store for him. Of course if your opponent’s got meter and has a super that can hit you at that distance mix it up with Chang’s throws.

I like P-Chang for his Parry to Slide, helps reset match to launch Choi, and it makes for an OK anti-air.

isn’t his B&B combo just jabs into spinning ball? I don’t really know any other combos he has…

that’s pretty much it though I’m sure he’s got some corner style “guard crush” B&B’s he can work on with an assist from Choi.

Perhaps following his “Kill the Innocents” move an immediate jump HP, d.LPx4 xx spin ball would work, or anything that cancels along those lines to followup on the guardbreak. But then again that’d be all he has.
I don’t even think Chang’s got a crossup.

does his HK crossup? I wish Yamazaki had a crossup…