Change Menu sounds, no ingame sounds


I play ssf on pc with foobar in the background, so i’ve cut game’s music. But I want to keep in game sounds, like voice, punch, kick sounds, etc…
BUT, characters selections , menu selection sounds, etc… are so ***ing awful and loud, when trying to keep a good mix between my music and in-game sounds.
So I’ve seen the method for changing game’s music, but I cannot find where are the sounds files on ssfIV folders. They must be in some more global files somewhere…
Anyone got an idea??


please don’t let me with thoses sounds…


Go lower the sfx volume in the options…not sure why you didn’t figure that out.


Sfx lows the ingames sounds as well, like I said. I want to keep hit sounds, foot steps, etc…






you must edit the games sounds.
go here
there are silence options, and tutorials.


Thank you kenji for your interest. But in this list there’s only “silence” trick for some stuffs, like annoncer, but nothing for selections sounds or so.


If you can kill the announcer, you can kill the menus. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where the hell the bulk generic sfx file with the menu effects is, I just remember unpacking the whole thing into .wav snippets. They ranged through “Round 1, fight!” etc, hit miss and block effects, menu scrolling and selections, blah blah. Pretty much all the non character specific files seemed to be in there.

Find the shit and you could repackage with zero byte .wavs for the elements you don’t want. Probably gonna have to do some legwork to find that, but that’s mostly how modding works.

Good luck.


Seems like what I m looking for. That must be somewhere for sure. Never try to mod anything and not sure I find courage to, but if I do I ll post my progress here.
Thanks for the interest Augh.