CHANGE OF DIRECTION - (650) - **Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Menlo Park**


:cool:CALLING ALL (650) GAMERS!:cool:

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]Hi all! I’ve been peepin’ SRK and found no thread for this specific area![/COLOR][/LEFT]
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]I know many, including myself, long for some hot offline/online competition and that’s why I made this thread. WE don’t care if you’re a man, woman, child, blue, pink, orange, purple! Come join us in our efforts to level up and enjoy the fun![/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]You may post up topics relating to fighting games. Network with others in your area for offline/online bouts. Tourney discussion, announcements, etc.[/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]I personally don’t think WE have a proper community and WE shouldn’t be (somewhat) forced to cross a bridge to get some competition. I know we have some awesome players here in the 650! I believe! Let’s start a local scene! Let’s put ourselves on the map![/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Let’s show the whole FGC how it’s done here in the 650.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]I’ll start off:[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Name: Danny Alvarado[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]SRK Handle: DanDan[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]PSN: mvc2projx[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Fighting Games: Super Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Arcade Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Turbo HD: Remix
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Possible for Summer/Fall 2011: King Of Fighters XIII, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Mortal Kombat: Arcade Collection


Just wanted to pop in and say that there should be something coming very soon to the area that will make a lot of locals really happy. Wait and see.

Otherwise, there are a few players in the area, but we usually just travel to either SF or SJ to practice. I’m just hitting up arcades since all I’m doing is getting ready for AE’s console release, but who knows, you might find some people around here.


Name: Renfro Jay Lagutan

SRK: Renegade J

XBL: Renjaylagz

Fighting Games: Super Street Fighter 4, MVC 2, SF 3rd strike, Guilty Gear, Tekken (sometimes), King of FIghters.

I live in Redwood City but go to golfland sunnyvale or milpitas whenever I can. Theres not much in Redwood for local tournaments. But would definitely want to help anyone trying to host a tournament. And im always down to compete or have a session online/offline.

Hi can i get help?

Very interesting news. Suspense is killing me now. :smiley:
It seems like everyone hits up SJ or SF.
Hopefully, I do find people. I’m sure there are folks out here willing to play locally and what not. Least we can do is give this a shot.

@Renegade J:
Hello J!
First of all, WELCOME TO SRK! Always glad to have new members!
I’m somewhat aware of tourney’s not being prominent here in RWC, but that doesn’t take Get Togethers/Fight Nights out of the equation.:slight_smile:


Name: Erik Perez

SRK: Capt Highball

XBL: Capt Highball


Fighting Games: Super Street Fighter IV (AE once it’s out), Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Mortal Kombat 9, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, (Starting to learn) Tekken 6, Marvel vs Capcom 2/3, occasional CvS2


@Capt Highball:
Great to have you here and supporting this! :slight_smile:


I’m in Redwood, I only play ST though.

Edit: Shoulda said that I’m moving to Menlo Park this weekend.

PSN is Ultra42, I’m down for some Classic Mode matches.


Name: Daniel Ooi
SRK: Dooi (so creative right?)
XBL: dsooi
Games: SSF4 (non-AE, yet)

play me! i have 5k boxer & guile, 3k dudley, 2k deejay & mbison. i can give you a variety of matchups. im also looking for anything going down regularly in south bay so hit me up


If you’re in 650 and you haven’t heard, there’s a new arcade in San Mateo with plenty of goodies.


Hey, I live in Redwood.
[LEFT][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]Name: Kevin B[/SIZE][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4][SIZE=5]PSN: WastedAmmo[/SIZE][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]I host casuals every now and then. We play all kinds of fighting games.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Games that ive been playing recently are sf4, sf2 turbo, hd remix, arcana heart, marvel, and im sure im missing something else. Hit me up some time if you want a casual or even if your going to the game center in san mateo. I was thinking about going Wednesday (today)[/LEFT]


Name: Justin K
SRK: JusticeSF
XBL: Justin CTS
Games: SSF4 AE, MvC3, some HDR.

I’m going to check out the gamecenter sometime soon. I’m down to play pretty much whenever


Name: Nick Modica
SRK: HellaHellaStyle
PSN/XBL: none
Games: MvC3, SSBM, SSF4 AE

I don’t really live in any of the cities mentioned above but I live in the La Honda/Woodside area, which is also 650 and pretty close to Redwood City. Always down for Marvel or Melee. Mostly Marvel, though. If anyone wants to beat me up or whatever, PM me, I’m in Redwood City often.


Name: Carlos M
SRK: CaptainBroseph
PSN: CaptainBroseph
Games: SSF4 AE, KOF13

I live in SSF, been checking out Southtown, and want to play offline as much as I can.


Name: Ash Skutches
Games: Marvel, AE, and anything else

I just moved to the Palo Alto area and I’m looking for some offline competition!