Change The Music For Marvel, CVS2, AND Third Strike

I’ve seen a few threads where people ask about making custom remixes for the dc versions of marvel, cvs2, and 3s so ill post it here…if anyone has any questions on how to make customs just post what problems or questions u have and ill help u out to my full potential…ive made remixes of all these games but note i only know how to make non selfboot versions…any questions?

Have you ever come across a problem for Third Strike where the dreamcast will return to the browser when you access certain tracks? For me, it seems to do this because the CD is actually nearly two times its original size due to the length of the music tracks. When the CD was only slightly larger than normal I had no such problems.

how big were all the files combined before u added all ur custom music?

Around 300 mb. It is around 500 now.

(Possible threadjack, I apologize) Im working on making a three in one (four if I can squeeze Ikaruga in it as well) disc for DC with cvs2, mvc2, and 3S on it. In order to make them fit, Im going to have to remove two out of three of the musics for each stage (at least thats the plan so far) on third strike. I also realized that I can make the music configurable, like give an option for CvS2 tunes in 3S, MvC2 tunes, or original tunes, or even a greatest hits combination. What I need is feedback on which tunes to use.

Namely, are there any tunes for any stage on any of these games that seem to fit the theme of any stage on any of the other games. (Boy, thats a sentence.) If you always thought that the hip hop music on the ‘I love beer’ new york stage of cvs2 would be kickin on the carnival at night stage of mvc2, let me know. What’s your favorite picks from each of these 3 games?

And yes, there will be an option to turn of the ‘wanna take you for a ride…’ repeat of doom and all of the announcer on cvs2. God, I hate those. Ill explain how after I release it in a few weeks.

And Ibuki, turning the non-boots into selfboots is dead easy. Get the Echelon self boot kit from megagamescopy, and read it.

sifu - ok we’ve prolly got the same image file because mine was about that big to begin with and its now prolly 450-500mbs and ive had no problems running it…BUT i have come across a problem where it returned to the menu screen once so i stuck the cd back in my drive and found out i had one of the adx files named wrong…maybe thats what u have going…if i were u i would start from scratch and add each one of ur custom tracks to the game in sets of three and make sure the window that pops up saying “do u wanna replace blah blah with blah blah” comes up 3 times for each file…and do that untill all ur music files are in the game then burn…so as long as u dont reach that 645mb limit (i think thats what it is) then errrrthing should be all gravy…try it and see what happens cuz u can never be too safe

toodles - u mean u can put all 3 games on one cd??? and play them in a dc?? i wanna know how to do that give me some info…as for 3s with the tracks u would be able to take 2 of the 3 tracks out but u would have no music playing for the 2nd,3rd, 4th and so on rounds…just the first round would play music…trust me i know…does sound interesting tho…maybe for 3s u should take just one song and use a program to cut the one song into 3 different segments that would make the file sizes smaller…thats what ive done to my remixes of 3s… so it wouldnt have a new song starting at the beginning of each round u know so it kinda blends and all…i dunno…tell me what u think but i wanna know how u put 3 games on one disc

holla at ya boy

where can i find thesoftware/programs to export amd import music, i already have the cdi image files and iso buster

For mvc2 any of the files that start with ADX-S are the music files.

Anything with just like ADX is mainly sound files. You need to change the extension from bin to adx. then you can use a program called cinepack to listen to the file in adx form. To import music ya gotta do a bunch of converting and ish!

usually alls i gotta do is pop the burned game into my drive and click on the drive icon then copy all the files over to my harddrive…i got a list of the music files that are in marvel, cvs2 and 3s and if anyone wants them then pm me on aim its “mojo makoto” and ill hook it up

as for putting ur own music into the game u’ll have to first use winamp (which i find the easiest and most effecient to use) to convert ur mp3 to wav files…then ull have to use a lil program call ADXENCD to convert the wav files to adx…adx files are the dreamcast’s own version of mp3’s sort to speak…anyway once uve got that done and its pretty easy to do u just rename ur file to match the ones in the game and replace them and burn…if anyone has any q’s about getting the adxencd program then ill be happy to provide it along with a tuturiol on how to use it and the lists for the games music files and what not…just gimme a holla

also if u dont wanna use winamp for converting mp3’s to wav then there is this program i use especially for 3s…its called mp3 wav converter or something like that but it can convert mp3s to wav as well as slice them into different segments so u can end a song or begin a song at whichever point of the song as u please…good for 3s mixes but its only a trial and u have to pay for the key unfortunately…good program overall tho

PM sent Ibuki.

If anyone needs selfboot questions answered, toss away. Easy as crap. And if your scared of the command line, dont bother. Linux users get prefferential treatment

Yeah, 535 mb and it still doesn’t work. Lol, the file names are named correctly because if you quickly skip to the options screen without playing the intro and stuff, you can play all the tracks in the music player. Pretty confusing. Oh well, thanks for trying.

toodles - got ur pm…thanks for the info but would u happen to know if that site u gave me have step by step information on how to make the compilations? just wondering i havent gotten the chance to check it out just yet…work is killing me…anyway about ur whole idea about making the same track play for each round for that one stage kinda sounds a little iffy to me…the average rounds only last about 30-45 seconds so y would u wanna hear the first 30 secs of the same song each round? i dunno…if it were me i would just sacrifice ikaruga and put custom music on the game…cuz who will wanna play marvel…then 3s…then cvs2…THEN ikaruga…i mean the game is great and all but it just doesnt fit into that fighting style the rest of the cd has goin…but i dunno maybe im wrong but good luck with all…imma look into that compilation cd tho it sounds vedy vedy interrestin…about those lists for the audio tracks for each game…ill just go ahead and post them later today when i wake up cuz im pretty damn tired right now and i really dont feel like doin shit but sleeping…try to understand ill get to it as soon as i wake up

sifu - well man the custom i made totals at 551 megs…and it works great…provided me and my friends hours of really good 3s battles and they are all caught on tape btw…anyway if i were u i wouldnt give up so soon…maybe u do have a file named wrong maybe u dont but just start from scratch and see if it happens again…try playing the game on another dc…make another boot disc and try it with that…just explore ur options before u call it quits…if u want i have the cdi image for the japanese version of 3s and its about 300 megs if not a lil more i could prolly send it to u if u have dc++…get back with me on that if ur interested


Yeah, I haven’t given up. Just that I’ve tried more or less every option available to me as of now (it has been six months, no dice). Lol, I must have went through at least 20 CDs just on 3S customs.

Let’s go through my process to see if I’m doing anything wrong.

  1. extract all files from the non-self boot CD image

  2. Gather wavs and convert them to adx

  3. Rename adx files accordingly and replace the original files

  4. Burn CD (Is this the problem? All I do is burn the files straight onto CD. And it works perfectly fine if I don’t change the filesize too much. I use MODE1, MODE2/XA CDs aren’t read by the boot disc for some reason. Although I hear you need to use MODE2/XA for selfboot.)

Is there something that I’m missing? I’m thinking something is wrong in my last step.

Sifu, what cd burning program are you using?

Lol, what CD Burning program HAVEN’T I used. DiscJuggler, Alcohol 120%, Nero, CDRWin… the list goes on. But I’m trying to first suceed with non-selfboot before I go onto selfboot, so…

well imo nero is the better one to use if u have to burn a set of files…if u only have to burn the image then go discjuggler…but of course if its a .nrg file then u’ll have to use nero on that too…

sifu - is that game thats giving u trouble selfboot or nonselfboot???

im gathering all the songs for my secong 3s mix…if anyone wants a copy of the first mix i can provide it…hmmmm lets see i guess if u have dc++ then u could always go in the go for broke hub and look for me and ill be glad to share it…dunno…if anyone’s interested get witt me

here’s the list of marvel tracks…

here’s the cvs2 list…

Yeah, since I have been trying to just do non-selfboot, I’ve been using nero. But in my quest to figure out what was going wrong, I tried more or less every other CD burning program. What are your exact settings for nero when you burn your non-selfboot file?

where can i get the program that converts .wav files to .adx??