Change to Abel in Street Fighter X Tekken

I’ve noticed a minor, minor change to Abel in street fighter x tekken. its not a game changer or anything, but its been bugging me as to why it was added.


so i’m sharing it here, take a look. maybe you can think of a reason this was changed.

it’s so fans don’t get the idea of, “oh, they got lazy and rehashed animations from sf4.”

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not only is that really not worth discussing, but did you have to make a video???


also, this probably isnt the best place to discuss abel changes to SFxT since that game is going to play very differently than SF4. That said, I am STOKED that abel made the cast.

… why DO males have nipples… !?

x tekken

@ so cool

You know what annoyed me about Abel in SFxT? into M-CoD did not combo.

It bothered me the whole goddamn day. Whyyyyyyyy?

Nah… Abel blocks a hundred hand slap and chun li’s ultra II after ex rolling into it!

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