Change usb port speed?


I was told upping my usb speed could make my controls more responsive. I’m not sure what it’s set to right now but I would like to check it and change it if I have to. I’m pretty sure I have usb 2.0 so how would I go about changing the settings?


Here you go.


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Is it worth possibly damaging your usb ports for the difference between 4ns and 1ns?


I can’t seem to find a reliable converter for my US T5 Hori stick and I’m getting desperate now. However I have reservations about using this poll mod. I have a mouse, keyboard and USB HD plugged into my PC. Will the poll mod screw them up in any way? Are there any other side-effects? Could there be any damage caused by using this mod?


How much speed does one possibly need for controls???

And if its USB 2.0 i doubt having it any “faster” will make a difference. Only way i could see bothering, is if your ports were NOT functioning at 2.0 speeds(driver issues), and lagging when attempting to use a 2.0 device.


Yeah, make sure you really have USB 2.0.
under device manager > Universal Serial Bus > it should say “enhanced” USB or “enhanced USB2”


Uh, the difference is in the milliseconds, and the rate at which Windows polls the USB is the only thing that changes. There’s no hardware overclocking.


Whoops, misread. Still, the default 8ms isn’t even a frame is it?


Half a frame, (was bored and did the math) though it can lower a converters lag from 30ms (about 2 frames of lag) to 22ms (less than 2 frames) I’d say it’s worth it. Furthermore, I’ve never damaged a USB device through overclocking my polling rates, been doing it for years.


It has nothing to do with the actual speed but the polling rate, USB uses serial technology as opposed to parallel, it transfers data in packets (meaning it moves a chunck of data, then waits/polls and moves the next chunk), the polling rate limits how frequently the controller checks for traffic (since it has to deal with all other USB devices packets) adding a small delay to the process. The default 125hz polling rate is fine for regular data transfers but may be an issue for fighting games (like 1 frame windows, etc…)


Like Renesis_13 said, its just the polling rate of the USB driver. You can change this stuff from Windows control panel depending on the drivers. You won’t damage anything.


Does anyone have a reliable switcher for Windows 7?