Changed between loading screen - Damdai / daigo?

Hello everyone,
so i obviously played against Damdai, the number 5 worldwide player(and got raped) . As you can see in the video, his name is Damdai in the loading screen, but in game he has daigo’s nickname(memememe)
What the heck is that? anyone heard about that?
Thank you

Link :

Maybe they were handing the controls back and forth and the game was being honest

Don’t flag him for spam, this happens all the time with the game and an issue to be addressed ASAP. I’m a Turkish player playing from Turkey, but ever since I’ve fought this French guy named Shocolate or something like that, I’m him once I’m in a fight or in the menu, with my flag being that of France and LP and FM being stuck where they are in the home menu. They’re intact otherwise.

Some buggy game lol

I had a bug where it would only recognise player 2 controller when I left the game and made sure both controllers were on before the game launched. PS4 controller and legacy both bugged.

ultra bronze vs platinum. kudos to the matchmaking, lol

Something like this happened to my ID as well when I finished a match I noticed I was logged into the game as someone else, a log out and back in again fixed that.

When the game first game out, my CFN name was actually changed to someone elses

So you’re an accidental fraud.

Allright, thank for the replies, maybe this cause has watched too much daigo that he becomes daigo himself

The same exact thing happened to me yesterday when I ran into Damdai but I figured it was just some dumb glitch.

What’s that even supposed to mean?