Changes in Super and AE?

Hey all, I’ve got a quick question. I’m primarily a PC player and I have no consoles yet, so I only can play SS4 on PC. I normally main Akuma and I was wondering what changes, if any, there were to Akuma going into Super and then AE? I searched around a bit couldn’t really find anything. Appreciate any help.

I play on PC too currently.
AFAIK the biggest nerfs are dmg reduction on his srk, general damage reduction on some of his combos, red fireball dmg reduction, less stun on most of his normals especially sweep, can’t roundhouse jab loop anymore, can’t air tatsu out of corners anymore.

There are some buffs he got from ssf4 > ae
more mp srk invincibility and a better hitbox on u2 and maybe a better teleport? (Still inferior compared to sf4 teleport i believe)

The biggest changes were from Vanilla to Super, but from Super to AE Akuma pretty much plays the exact same.

Vanilla > SSFIV :

  • Damage nerfs and HUGE stun nerfs pretty much everywhere (normals, specials, ultra…etc)
  • Far roundhouse got a frame slower, so the loop was gone and fireball FADC far roundhouse combo got raped as well.
  • DF throw got recovery frames so you can no longer option select it (this shit was broken to be honest lol)
  • Pretty sure air fireballs build less meter AND have more recovery frames.


  • Coward copter escape is gone, pretty much the most important change since this effects several matchups when cornered.
  • Other than the escape tatsu nerf, Akuma remained the same for the most part and didn’t get raped anywhere near as hard as the transition from Vanilla to SSFIV, he even got a better MP SRK and teleport cancelled U2 has a better hitbox now.

Thanks guys!

There’s a damage/stun nerf on EX tatsu from Super > AE

I’m feeling this is what I’ll be missing the most. Those beautiful HK combos… :frowning: OK. HK loop has been really broken against those taller chars… :smiley:
Fireball FADC far HK is still possible but the time window even smaller, right? 1 or 2 framer? What would you say? Still practicable or can I immediately erase this combo out of my brain?

Edit: I searched a bit but trags akuma combos is outdated. How do you keep the combo going when you hit a xx hado fadc from max. possible range? Any hints on how to get the most possible damage after this or get into bnb without another use of meter? Or is it now better to simply go for the ukd with a sweep after fireball fadc to start vortex immediately?

I’m pretty sure in normal situations the far roundhouse was a 1 frame link combo already after fireball FADC in Vanilla SF4, now it’s space and hitbox specific, I think Ryu is one of the few characters that this combo works semi reliably against, I could be wrong though since I dropped the combo completely after Super was released because it Really sucks when you waste 2 bars and see your far roundhouse getting blocked.

Capcom should have just changed far standing jab’s frame advantage on hit from +7 to +6, loop would have been gone and we could still have some nice flashy combo. I think fireball FADC sweep is the best option now in most cases if you’re too far away to connect other normals into lk tatsu.