Changes tp thawk I feel he needs from a gouken Mainer



Now for starters I simply dont like thawk. hes just a lame characters to me. His fighting stance looks stupid and he just does not attract me all. However I respect all of you guys who play and stick with him regardless how ad people say he is.

Now you can ignore this post if you want or flame me its whatever im just speaking my mind on what I was thinking about during a long day at work.

Now for some reason I though thawk. Now what could they give him that would scare the shit out of me and would help him greatly.

Lets ccccccc…

Condor Spire needs to go through projectiles regardless of Ex. I really feel Thawk needs this. It will help him get in faster and do the do lol. Making only ex go through projectiles is stupid to me. also I hear you guys want an input change for this moves also.

Lets c next condor dive(you guys might just boot my ass for this one lol) I want to do a drastic change to this move. Instead of condor dive bouncing off the person and flying back only to get punished by whatever, It should instead land infront of the person causing a large amount of block stun. You will recover faster then them cause T hawk to be like +2 or 3 on block. I feel this keep thawk in the person face. and he will remain a threat. Think of it as like adons jaguar tooth although his high kick version is -2 on block its stll pretty safe and adon can mic up a grab/ rising jagaur or whatever. I even want to say make him instant air it but what would be broke as hell.

So to sum it up . feel condor dive should not bounce but slide and stick to the person your fighting so you can stay in their face and keep your pressure going. Yes it should still e armor break and yes you should still be able to cross up with it.( I hate it when thawks do that to me btw lol)

Well anyway I PERSONALLY feel that if thawk had this stuff h would be alot better. I know i could be wrong and My idea might pretty pretty idiotic but whatever I just put it out there. Once again i dont like thawk but I still feel every character regardless if I like them or not should be viable. Mad respect to all u Thawk players!!! We both play characters people consider weak but Ive been sticking with gouken since vanilla and I wont stop.


You realize if Condor dive was +2 or 3 on block, SPD is guaranteed? He lands like that in Super Turbo and it doesn’t knock down on hit.


SPD would not be guaranteed if he is + on block. Where do you guys get your SF knowledge from? If you do a normal that is + on frames, you cannot grab someone. They have to be out of block and hit stun. You absolutely cannot throw someone when you have plus frames on block.

Also no one cares what a gouken mainer thinks because the matchup is 6-4, similar to other fireball zoners, slightly tougher if the gouken doesnt over abuse parry.


don’t wanna speak for him but I’m fairly certain dan knows this. it is worth clarifying, however, the situation for all the people that may have that misconception or keep posting about how hawk should be able to combo into his grabs. I think his statement was referring more to the strength of the mixup hawk would have in that situation. i should note, though, that there is that checkmate jump jab, jab, spd till dead tactic that is just fricken hilarious in what? hyper fighting?

to the OP, thanks for your contribution but there was no reason to make a new thread when this could have easily fit into another, already existing thread. good luck with your gouken. lp palm buff seems like a nice tool for him in AE. /thread.


You never see the bigger picture. Kraig is correct. The mixup possibilities on a +frames CD landing directly in front of non-KD’d opponent are mindboggling. And they are probably all in your favor. Try some option selects there. All the sudden you go from full screen to in-yo-face with Hawk? I can hear you now “Any good player would just counter” There are no absolutes, and nobody can counter everything all the time.

Did you ever see the HD Remix T. Hawk combo vid? I’d damn disturbing what can happen in this situation.


First - EX dive now has this property but it’s very difficult to land. (no pun intended)

LMAO I didnt’ know he landed right next to you in ST/HDR. I only played Ryu in those games (WW/CE/HF/T/S)



lol at some the stuff:

4 jabs xx lp tomahawk.
cross up splash, reverse c.hp, jab super.
3 ticks into typhoon or super.
Dive leaving him at neutral

Any or all of these would instantly make him better.