CHANGES we would make to T-BOSS

thought it would be fun topic to hear what other t-hawk fans would change.
I personally am 100 points shy of being B+ and still dont see how t-hawk is bad.
so to get the ball rolling changes that would be awesome to see in t-hawk

-a fake condor spire similiar to cody would be great for mind games
-FCD out of his crouching heavy kick and crouching heavy punch,
-this one is abit impossibru but would be too good. a condor dive ultra that is invincible till landed

interested to hear others wishes, lets create the ultimate t-hawk that capcom will be forced to make in the next patch

Was it impossible for you to pick and post in one of the other thousand threads with the same topic?

Your suggestions are dumb (=hardly thought-out) and reaching B+ on Xbox Live doesn’t mean shit.

Yeah I know, I am an asshole.

well yeah you are an asshole, i didnt see this thread anywhere recent i am a newish member but youd have to go back.
maybe this is one of those things that being dumb prevents you from understanding things that are actually quite engaging, so whats dumb about those changes and what would you do then

Lol dont mind him he feels the need to be rude to everyone for some reason, I liked the ideas you had about a fake spire… that could be tricky

thanks bro, yeah a fake condor spire would be great to make poeple whiff attacks to then dash in. another thing ive noticed recently that i hope not too many of our enemy know, you can snap t-hawk out of condor spire with a simple jab if timed right, so i would like to change that his hit-box is a little outside his hurtbox, is that asking too much!?lol

change both spire and Ultra 2 to kicks…

Fix spire… make it slightly faster…
Make the :lp: version either go through fire balls or break armor not both

Fix condor dive
Either make the knock down a UKD
Or make Hawk land NEXT to his opponent on hit…

Bring roundhouse hit box a down a little bit
or give cr :mk: a little more damage on hit… 80 or 90.

Either make one of his Dps have invincibility
or make HP dp start up a little faster… 6 frames seems fair

Ultra II should do a little more damage 470 seems fair…

that’s about it…

Oh ya…
Make close :hk: juggle usefull…

^Close s.HK to instant EX dive is really good damage for one bar, so it has some use. They should make it possible for it to hit after an FA though.

I’d like some of these changes. All of them would probably be too good. I like the tricks and stuff you can do with T.Hawk, and I want to emphasize that.

They could make MP spire projectile invincible, to keep the trend going from Oni and Gouken.

They could make EX spire one frame faster, allowing you to combo into it from a light.

FADCable Tomahawks?

No-recovery blocked EX dive should be a feature and not a glitch, and work on hit as well, allowing you to juggle after it. Maybe be slightly less strict.

Allow dive to be done slightly closer to the ground.

Give j.LP some Juggle Potential and float on airhit maybe? I think this would be really cool, allowing you to juggle with normal dive on air-to-air, or j.LP to EX Dive in a combo. Also allowing you to sweep or reset after A2A. Maybe only on CH?

Maybe some more range on LP SPD, not Zangief-reach, but maybe somewhere inbetween Gief and Hawk.

Maybe give thrust peak some JP, so you can juggle with it for resets?

Maybe give j.d.MP some JP and a vertical knockdown on hit?

Hey guys. I dont play t.hawk all that much but in the requests thread, we are currently talking about t.hawk changes to help him out if we get an update. Maybe you guys can figure out what t.hawk needs to help deal with blanka.

Make spire dp + k.

Slightly more range on lp typhoon, not necessarily zangief like, but close?

Make ultra 2 be 2x qcf

Make tomahawk be throw invincible.

Nerf blanka…

MP and EX Tomahawk are already throw invincible. What I want is a tomahawk with some start-up invincibility to beat meaties.

First, after maining T.Hawk for some time only a few changes I feel are realy nessesary to make him at least close to top teir.

1. Make his Tomahawk Buster FADC capable into Ultra 2 like Adon.
2. Alow his Condor Spire Med. to have Projectile Invincibility.
3. Also, on the Condor Spire shorten the frame rate by 2 to make it slightly faster and able to gain more Reversal hits.
4. Make Condor Dive a hard knock-down on hit and it leaves him standing next to opponent after a hit confirm.

There’s just no good way to do this. If you give U2 JP, you can connect it after EX spire, which would be way too good. If it had JP0, Tomahawk would have to cause float, which means you’d get hella damage/stun from it by doing something like another Tomahawk, c.HK to another juggle, sweep, or a bunch of different reset, which wouldn’t be balanced either. They’d have to rework tomahawk and U2 completely, making them way worse than they are now to compensate.

U2 is fine as it is, maybe change the hitbox so it can hit close-by neutral jumping a bit easier and I’d like to have a shorter, more reaction-based input for it as well.

Yes, definitely. In general, I feel it should be slightly better at catching cross-up attempts, maybe making the arc more vertical.

Yeah, but talk about freakin’ awesome. Wouldn’t that also make the close HK juggle into Ultra 2 work?

But while we’re at it, let’s give condor dive multiple different options before it hits, like demon flip.

I’m talkin like…stop short…throw…hit…or go low!

I also want him to be able to pick opponent’s up off the ground like Tager.

And I want him to have an air throw.

And I want him to have an Assassin’s Creed 3 Alt. outfit.

They would just have to make Condor Spire not “Float” and a hard knock down. Also as far as the double Tomahawk goes they would just nerf the Tomahawk damage a bit to make it on par with say Ryu or Ken’s double DP.

You could still do something like cl.HK to EX Dive, and as mentioned before, Sweep and resets. Those things would be nice, but I don’t think it would be fair. They’d need to add recovery on the tomahawks as well iirc, to prevent meterless resets and juggles.


  • U2 needs more horizontal range and or slight damage buff

-ALL non-ex spires should gain immunity to low attacks a little bit quicker…currently all non-ex spires gain immunity to low attacks on startup frames 6-19.
Make it start on frame 3 or 4.
^Reason being that in matches where the other character can crouch block and avoid t.hawk’s standing normals, he is FORCED to either use standing medium kick, crouch medium kick, far light kick, or spire. While spiring, he gets counter hit too often.

-Light spire should go through plasma (Even gief can whiff lariats against plasma to gain meter. t.hawk doesn’t have a solid way of building meter vs plasma)
-Medium spire should armor break
^ I’m sick of all non-EX spires being slow and cumbersome. They have too much startup and recovery to effectively chase anything. Heaven forbid you do one because you think they are going to backdash and then hit them only to get fatty punished.

  • Fierce DP needs to come out a little faster…maybe 6 or 7 frames?

-EX Dive follow-up from EX DP NEEDS to NOT push him back full screen. (An EX DP gamble on hit leads to 230 damage and leaves Hawk full screen? Hardly worth it for 2 meters)

-Condor Dive should land a little closer on hit.
-EX DIVE should have a lower height restriction to allow for easier followups

-Fierce SPD should either get a little more damage (240) or yield more meter gains on whiff and hit from (40/100) to (50/110)
^ This is me just being super greedy.

-Buff Close Standing Roundhouse’s hitbox to make it a viable anti-air against neutral jumps which can be followed up with an easy EX Dive.
-make it able to hit crouching characters and pop-up for an easier follow-up with EX Dive.
—In exchange, make it bad on block…it’s currently 0…make it negative 3-5.
(If it becomes an anti-air normal…It should still whiff on crouching characters and stay 0 on block)
(Cl.Roundhouse > EX DP xx EX DIVE = 270 dmg and then no positioning? Considering how difficult it is to land a Cl.Roundhouse…No mames gue.)

-Crouch fierce needs either a better hitbox so it doesn’t trade as much or slightly more damage on the first hit (100 or 110 instead of the current 90) so that it doesn’t trade out of hawk’s favor
-Buff damage to 80/85 (or 90 like in super but apparently that was too godlike T.T)
-Buff Crouch medium kick damage to between 80-90
-Buff Far Stand medium kick damage to between 75-80
^ reason being that t.hawk loses in damage against most characters with good pokes because they can cancel into specials for more damage.
For instance: sakura xx fierce dp= 215 dmg. Ryu xx hadouken = 130.

My idea is that t.hawk is a footsies oriented grappler. I don’t expect all of these changes to be made but I’m just confused with Hawk’s current design…Is he supposed to be able to get in, stay in, and mess you up? Or is he supposed to play footsies like he can to an alright degree, struggle to get in, and lose to anyone with better normals?

This was a giant brain dump…I’ll be thinking about match-up specific changes in a while but a lot of t.hawk’s bad match-ups are inherent in his or his opponent’s design. For example, no good OS options against bison’s wake-up sucks balls but t.hawk just isn’t capable of dealing with that and nerfing Bison’s wake-up options hurts the character too much.

Heres a thought maybe sence the Condor Spire is such a slow move they could speed up the frame rate and add in an extra hit on wake-up that gives a juggle state that can be FDC hit by standing roundhouse or Tomahawk.

Also, (as stated) increase the hit-box on standing close roundhouse to make it more viable vs. neutral jumps, as well as buff the hit-box on his crouching feirce puch so it actualy anti-airs with less trade chances.

Beefing up his normal damage to match Geif’s (roughly) would be a good perk too :wink: