Changes you'd like to see in Dash (none char specific)

I did a search throughout SRK and couldn’t find a thread that wasn’t character specific, or didn’t focus on what characters were going to be included in Dash. So this is my little list of changes I hope Capcom will do, and I believe these are pretty reasonable:

Gameplay: All Supers/Ultras are done with the QCFx2 motion.
This would only be a benefit for many reasons: Capcom wants to appeal to the largest audience possible, and this would help by removing some awkward super commands (Guile and Claw). It will cut down on Scrubby Shotos, because it seems that new players pick the Shotos partly because their supers are very easy to do, so if every character had easy supers, new players will (hopefully) try out other characters. Parries can be done in the air. I see no reason to not have this.

Improved lobby system (where we can see more than just 3 players at a time). An option to select a player based on their main character. Like, their avatar shows which character they use 9 times out of 10 and you can set a preference for players that use a certain character, or avoid others. Obviously this feature wouldn’t be avail in Championship Mode. I think this would help avoid the Shoto Scrubs, because I don’t learn anything by fighting the same character over and over again.

Guile: Add Remy?s kick move (Doubt this would happen, the Guile elite would balk at this, but I think it would add some variety to the character, plus you could link it to the storyline that Guile meets a young Remy and they both learn some new tricks). More priority for Flash Kick.

Sagat: Remove some priority for DP and Jmp.

Vega: Remove claw/mask throw move, it is a completely worthless move.

Sakura: Revert back to CVS 2 form with original voice actress. I don’t like the SF4 voice actress, Sakura sounds way too cutesy. The voice actress in CVS 2 made Sakura sound like a cool tough chick.

Cody: Remove rock throw move. Remove all previous supers. Keep the knife, have it air-throwable (but he has to pick it up each time). Give him Yamazaki?s DP move with Knife. He has a brawler super, when he has knife equipped the super does 5% more damage. His Ultra is a grab that ends with a Streets of Rage-esque body slam.

Balrog: Give him Q?s command grab.

Guy: Keeps kick super. Gets a Raging Demon Ultra.

Ryu: Fake fireball.

Bison: Fake Slide.

Remove Rose.

Zangief/T. Hawk: Simplified command grabs with HCB + F motion. If HD Remix did it, I don’t see why SF 4 can’t do it.

Dee Jay: Machine Gun Upper when properly timed destroys projectiles.

Dudley: Kept exactly the same as in 3S, and keeps his rose-throwing taunt.

My guess who’s one of the new characters: Haggar. It only makes sense, Capcom has been teasing us about Haggar since Alpha 3 and Zangief’s alternate costume in 4. He shouldn’t play like Zangief, but a hybrid character like Alex in 3S.

Edit: messed up title of thread, disregard none char specific. Let the trolls tear me apart.

So wait, NOT character specific?

All ultras do less damage? I’m so damn tired of Ryus and Sagats and Rufuses and their auto-comeback BS. All three of those can land their ultra so ridiculously easy it’s like every single round you might as well start with 40-50% health taken off.

lol @ non-char
The only super motions that need to be changed are guile’s and vega’s. Air FA would make this a game of jump FA. New lobby system/online revamp is duh.
Make ultras for every character a different button or wholly different motion so the move is harder to mess up. Remove srk input priority.

Terrible thread.

Do something with links. Either remove them or make it so you can actually do them online. I think the whole linking system is broken and a bad idea.

I think the fact that he suggested Haggar for Dash redeems him a little bit. I laughed so hard.

remove all of dans specials and replace them with taunts

I think he intended to discuss changes on gameplay, not what characters wed like to have on a possible new version of the game. But yeah, the tittle seemed a bit weird to me too.

Anyway, Im expecting a decent lobby for up to 4-5 people, and a major change on the netcode, that is, GGPO. A stun bar would also be welcome, as well as the option to choose between different supers and ultras.

I don’t understand why they OP still has green rep.

I almost pissed laughing at the make all the supers and ultras the same motion.

***YOUR RIGHT! *** and while we’re at it we should totally request that all characters have the same inputs for all their specials and maybe some of those single button specials from BB. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Don’t learn how to do the simple as hell motions that take 4 seconds to learn, just remove them!

Interesting idea on the “Scrubs choose shotos because they have easier supers”. I just thought they like’d to srk all day and have cool Gis.

As for Parries in the air. First, there needs to be parries for that to happen. Second, since you probably mean FAs in the air. No, that would be terrible. The fact that the FA starts an animation that involves you not moving and the only way out of it is to swing or dash forward or back sorta screws up the concept from the get go. So they’d have to add air dash and then we have a totally different game or they could make your only option after an air FA to be to go through with the animation which would turn out to be the most unsafe thing ever.


  • I’d like to see Supers become more of use. EX moves are too beneficial for most characters so no one really saves up for Supers.

  • Ultras… weaken them please, or make it so EVERYONE has a decent way of setting them up.

  • I’ve never had issues with the input commands for Guile/Vega (or any one else). I don’t like the universal QCFx2 mechanic… it feels dull and out of place to me.

  • Make some sort of guard crush or guard break meter so people can’t just sit on their ass all day waiting for the aggressor to make one ludicrously tiny mistake.

  • Tighten reversals

  • Have some TIMING involved when breaking out of links/whiffed strings in regards to SPD’s/SRK’s. Being mashing out of a combo because you were 1 frame off is plain silly.

  • Tweak the damage scaling a bit. Huge combo’s with FADC’s are almost worthless because of it.

  • Make FADC’s more useful for charge characters

There’s plenty of stuff to talk about really… but most has already been discussed =/

Have you ever played 3rd Strike or Garou?


Ooh, man, this is a bad thread. Shame on me for posting in it. But I’d hate for this awesome gif to go unappreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is a bad thread, but seriously… seriously…

I’m starting to like the idea of a guard break meter.

Shorten the reversal window by a lot.

DPs that are blocked are very unsafe even if FADC. Current the FADCing DPs gives already powerful characters risk free ultra attempts and that is retarded. 2 Bars isn’t expensive when this game gives out ex basically for free.

allow fight request in training mode and make an option for an online training session. Seriously don’t understand why didn’t at least allow fight request in training mode.

Either only allow autocorrect to work for charge characters or not at all.

Really hate the ultra system tbh…tweak it somehow. Either really weaken ultras a lot or make the ultra meter build WAY slower and carry over to the next round, so basically most people will only be able to pull off one ultra a match unless they use FA to absorb often. This might actually make people use supers more often.

I really think the ultra system makes this game more random than it should be.

Ex builds too fast too. Shouldn’t get any EX for being hit, and very little or none for blocking.

Remove auto block, I hate how you’re able to do motions whilst under block stun.
Shorten reversal windows.
Make the dashes more like the dashes in 3rd strike, dashes in SF4 feel sluggish.
Tweak ultra system, not sure how but it needs to be done.
Better netcode ala GGPO.
Better netplay interface, current one just seems awful.

Yeah I also agree that the ultra system favours already fundamentally solid characters too much.

They just have this whole new way to play through FADC’s, but charge characters get nothing out of it also bugs me.

Basically charge characters get bad ultras AND bad FADC’s… something’s not right here.

You want to give Ryu a fake hadouken!!! are you… okay!!! so you see a Ryu doing a hadouken at close range and then you jump at him to punish, but NO its a fake hadouken, so instead he will give you lp srk and ULTRA!!! I think this move will put Ryu instantly bottom tier /sarcasm…

honestly, the fact that you’re trying to increase Ryu’s already dominant set of tools is just unbelievable… :lame: