Changing 3S arcade hardware versions

The arcade I play at has a couple version B machines (ie. no unblockables) under the “Asia” region. I’m unsure of the details, but I heard that the cracking of CPS3 means that owners of the original hardware can legally revive the game if it dies using a phoenix cart. TBH I don’t even know what that is exactly. Anyway, is it possible to use a similar technique to change back to the original version A game data?


All you need is a version a cd, if youd like a copy of mine hit me up with a pm.

if it is the CD version of the asian one it can be changed… if not then you’re stuck with it.

Yeah I was about to ask, I must’ve assumed that he doesn’t have the CD version when I made the thread. I’ll find out which one when I get a chance. So if it’s the no-CD version, obtaining a phoenix cart (or new 3S hardware in a worst case scenario) is the only method that can be used? I hope someone has some information on that just in case he has the no-CD.

Im not 100% sure, but i would assume (assumption here) that you could hook up a scsi cd rom drive and flash the simms with a version a cd and your no cd cart. The reason i make this assumption is based on the fact that the no cd version must have more ram on it to hold the music, as the cd version reads the music off the cd on the fly. Soooo, it must still have cd capabilities.

No, the CD version just loads the data onto the DIMMs at boot no matter what.

Then it boots to the game.

put a CPS3 CD in and all you have are the ROM images for cps3

So I was at the arcade yesterday and completely forgot to check whether the cabs use CDs or not. Sorry guys. If the CD version requires only a ver. A disc and basic reloading procedure then I’ll assume it’s a no-CD, which I figure is more common in arcades due to it requiring less parts and there being no lengthy booting process (?).

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this, so I’ll try to summarize what he needs, and hopefully someone can clarify if it’s correct.

Starting with CD version:
-version A CD which doesn’t have to be legit since he owns the original hardware, simple replacement

Starting with no-CD version:
-version A CD, same notes as above
-version A security cartridge for CD-based hardware, (de)soldering required?
-compatible CD-ROM drive and required cables since they don’t come with no-CD version

If anyone’s interested here are a couple links to some related information that I came across:

Discussion on Phoenix carts for CPS3 in January which indicate that it’s not feasible currently

no-cd versions load no faster than cd versions. the only time it takes longer is when you install the game for the first time, into the memory. that takes 20 or 30 minutes. after that install, you never have to load install again, unless you erase the data from the memory.

cd based cps3 kits are more common than nocd kits, to my knowledge.