Changing a video file type to another program

I have some video’s that are encoded as MKV but i need to change them to AVI so i can play them on my PS3. Does anyone know a program that would allow me to do so?

I thought initially PS3’s can play MKV’s, I guess I was wrong. I might have to try it one day, as I know usually the PS3 is very picky on the characters you have on the filenames. Anyway, the first hit on a google on “MKV on PS3” links to a program to convert MKV’s to VOB that the PS3 can play.

FFWin comes to mind though I don’t know if it does PS3 video.

Have you tried Free Video Converter - Convert Video Formats Free - MP4 MPEG AVI DVD HD FLV
I haven’t tried it for the PS3 specifically, but it does take MKV and can output to MP4 or AVI.

im trying to find a free trial vers. of roxio since i heard good things about that program, then ill try the free video converter


Is very good for many thins

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