Changing Akuma/Gouken's themes?

I truly love the option that allows us to change stage themes for character themes, but every once in a while I happen to fight Akuma/Gouken online and have to fight them while the orchestral version of the Street Fighter theme plays. I like those themes, but I’d much rather fight these characters while their actual themes play.

I’m talking about these :

Do you guys know of any mod that could replace Akuma/Gouken’s orchestral themes with these themes? Could anyone create one?

for change the current music for these you need go there " x:\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\resource\battle\sound\bgm"

you’ll see these files " BGM_GKI_2CH.csb / BGM_GKI_4CH.csb / BGM_GKI_EXT.csb ( gouki / akuma ) " "BGM_GKN_2CH.csb / BGM_GKN_4CH.csb / BGM_GKN_EXT.csb ( gouken).

ok, pick up the file with the name " BGM_GKI_EXT.csb / BGM_GKN_EXT.csb " and copy to desktop ( o another folder ) rename the file to “BGM_GKI_2CH.csb” and remplace the file by the original.

that’s it.

Here’s a better idea. Don’t replace the files in the base bgm directory.

Instead, do the renaming, and put them in …\dlc\03_character_free\battle\sound\bgm instead.

You’ll notice there’s already a few files in there. These are the themes for Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni (YUN, YAN, RYX and GKX, respectively).

What SSF4 does is it will check this directory and its subfolders first for any data it needs. If it finds them, it loads them without complaint.

After that, if you ever want to go back to normal, you can just remove those added files.

Awesome, it worked! Thanks a lot, guys!