Changing an IP address

I have searched quite a bit and i have tried a few methods of changing my IP address. Everything I have tried has failed and I need a new IP. my router is a WRT54G and my modem is Motorola surfboard SB5101. Can anybody help me out with this?

Your computer is assigned an IP address by your router. That’s the internal one just for your LAN. there’s also the IP address for your connection to the internet.

Which one are you talking about?

my external IP. its being a bitch to me and not changing. i even tried leaving the modem and router off for 6 hours and i got the same IP.

With most ISP’s your external address is assigned to you and cannot be changed, may want to contact your ISP.

Yeah, sounds like you have to ask your ISP for a new IP.

they charge you, and its alot…

You can try changing the MAC address on the router and cycling the power on the modem.

You should be able to do this easily by logging into the router and going to MAC Address Clone. Enable it and I guess clone your PC’s address. Then shut off the modem and plug it back in and see if it acquires a new IP.

no access to the router. :lol: im screwed

That darn medical equipment again huh.

yeah. it makes it really hard to play most things. the router is 100% locked down and has some weird password that nobody knows(not even the guy who installed it)

what i did was plug directly into the modem to get internet. it changed my ip! :woot:

I always get a minor seizure whenever someone mentions changing MAC addresses. It is a Bad Thing. They are supposed to be absolutely unique, and while the chances of it happening are remote two networks cards with the same MAC address on the same network causes some Not Good stuff to happen.

lol I didn’t say it was pretty, but it will change an IP address in a pinch depending on the ISP. And if you stick to cloning a MAC from your LAN on the WAN side of your router, there’s a good chance you won’t run into trouble.

If you’re willing to redo all of your settings, press the tiny button on the back of the router. This will reset the login and password to admin and admin (I think, you could google to find out for sure) and then login and change the MAC address. I had to do this recently and all I did was change the MAC address by one digit and it worked out just fine.

If you’re on a router, use the address in your browser to get to the router settings. Look for something that details your IP address, and something along the lines of “DCHP Release” and “DHCP Renew”. Using these in this order will force your modem to request a new IP address.

If doesn’t work, try I had a D-Link router once that used that by default.

i know how to do all of that… but my router is set up for medical stuff so i cant change anything.

Had the same problem, they suggested plugging and unplugging your router. Something to do with static and dynamic IPs, but in most cases, it works.

hey guys i downloaded a program that changes my mac address. i have no idea what im doing. the program is called TMAC. i changed the mac address but i didn’t get a new ip. any help?

what does that mean anyway, “My router is set up for medical stuff”???

anyway i’m assuming you have a broadband network at home. but you should look up and KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between a public and private IP address.

TMAC is for changing your Private IP, which is useless, unless you are performing an ARP poison on your own network.

Changing your Public IP, which is what i’m assuming you’re doing, is not in your control. ESPECIALLY if you have no access to the router, then you’re obviously screwed. your IP is dynamically assigned, by your ISP and it is THEIR policy to change it whenever they feel like it, or when you call them up and ask them to (YMMV with different companies).

lol… please don’t try to say i don’t know the difference between public and private IP.