Changing Arcade Parts

I have a TE stick and I have to say, this thing feels like a tank. I love it, it’s definitely my favorite stick to play on.

But I was wondering, I know eventually I’ll have to do some maintenance work and change our parts to make sure my stick stays in top condition, so I was wondering, after about how long would you guys say that it’s required to change the buttons and stick in the TE to keep it brand new?

It probably depends on how much you use it. Even with heavy use and some abuse, even sanwa parts hold up for a pretty long time. My friend has had his TE stick for about two years now, he’s put some heavy play into it and he’s the type to hulk smash his stick when he loses online lol, but his parts are still holding up fine. I’d probably change parts once they break or start to feel noticeably less responsive.

Home use? Years. They were designed to last for a long time being constantly played every day in arcades.