Changing artwork for HRAP 2 SA

Hi, I’m a total noob here. I read the tutorial on modding the hrap 2 for stick and buttons etc , but it didn’t cover artwork. I also tried doing a search with these steps but couldn’t find anything. My joystick hasn’t arrived yet, but I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction for the steps on changing just the artwork on the hrap 2 sa. Many thanks and apologies for my noob question lol.

Also wondering if I can just swap out the ball top and leave the joystick? I want a seimetsu bubble one. Can I just pull it off etc and stick the new one on?

Thanks in advance!!

Most people simply get an acrylic sticker printed and put it over the existing top-plate, I believe.

The balltop can be taking off using the screw seen at the bottom of the stick shaft (once inside the back).

I’m in the process of having a top-plate made at a metal workshop that removes the two end button holes and turbo switch hole (so I have a true 6 button Street Fighter layout and no annoyances).

I’ll be documenting the process of creating the new plate and applying the new art when it all happens.

Sounds good. Thanks a heap for the info!

Yeah, most people just laminate something over top of the control panel.

If you’re putting art overtop of the control panel, you’d probably be happier using something with a lower profile, so that the art doesn’t sit above the plastic case. I think.

I have a bare control panel from the HRAP3; that is to say, a top plate with the exact same layout as the HRAP2SA, made from the same metal, minus the thin plastic layer on top (the HRAP2SA’s “art” and gloss). It would be ideal for the application of custom artwork, I think. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm this for me so you we can be sure I’m not full of shit and lies, haha.

Would you be interested in trading me the HRAP2SA plate for the bare metal one? Yours is probably worth a little more (since it has a finished surface built-in) so I could cover the cost of shipping.