Changing best of rounds?


Ok so me and my friend have always played best of 5 rounds because best out of 3 seemed too short. so i changed my rounds to 5 in the settings but i guess it only applies to arcade or local, i dont remember if we were playing best of 5 at his house the other day.

So i tried playing him online and i dont see an option for best of 5 when creating a match. Unless im missing something, all that shows up is best of 3 standard, best of 5 matches, best of seven matches with best of seven rounds i believe for tournament.

how come its not changeable? it was on the anniversary edition online too.


Round and timer settings only affect Local Multiplayer. Online doesn’t offer anything else beside the Standard, Tournament, Pro Tournament and Marathon settings.


i see, well that kinda sucks lol

hopefully they can change that sooner or later