Changing buttons with bodies (happ)

I understand that I can replace the buttons with the bodies on sanwa buttons, but can i do the same with happ buttons? like having a white button with blue bodies or vice versa?

Yep, if they’re the same type of button you can swap different coloured parts.

is it a pain to do so? btw thanks a lot

mmm Nope, just take out the plunger and put it in another coloured body. You just have to pinch two little parts of the plunger in then pull it out. You could try it right now with your HAPP button, just pinch the two protuding parts of the plunger in and pull it out.

thank you so much, this place is always a big help

Actually, if it’s the horizontal push button and comp I think they’re interchangeable.

I tried it before, ie. putting a Competition button in a standard horizontal pushbutton base, and it doesn’t really work. It fits and I don’t remember the specifics but there was a problem when pushing the Frankenstein button. I think it kept getting stuck or something.

well im getting allof 1 type of button anyway so it doesnt matter

Yeah, you can actually swap the plunger and body of some types happ buttons and come out with some funky combinations. Never really tried playing with them though.

Sounds about right to me. There’s a hair of a difference between the two.

"Pushbutton With
Horizontal Microswitch"
plunger diameter = 0.87 inches

"Competition Pushbutton"
plunger diameter = 0.88 inches