Changing color palette for cps2 armored warriors


Hi, I noticed a thread about changing the color in cps2 games, with the tool " palmod" but its work only for street fighter games, im trying to change the color of the blodia in armored warriors ( orange) to red , like in the sequel cyberbot, even if the tool wasnt made for armored warrior it can still open the files, but its garbage, so i still changed all the orange colors to red , randomly, but nothing happened, so i think my only solution is to change it manually with an hex editor, but i dont know where the characters palette are located, anyone could help me with that?


I know I won’t be able to help you out on this, as much as I love CPS2.

Just keep in mind that this forum is mostly focused on arcade stick tech/builds/mods; there are definitely other forums that might be more specialized at answering your question (Neo-Geo, Arcade-Otaku, Shmups, etc…)


Thanks for answering, i finally found it myself , with hex editing