Changing controllers in sf4 midgame


Hey all,
i’m part of an Australian fighting game community, and we hold console tournaments every month or so.
The managers are considering using PC’s for a platform for sf4 in order to free up the ps3’s for games such as blazblue, and virtua fighter
except the problem is, that everyone brings their own joystick,
but SF4 (yet alone GGPO) cannot detect joysticks mid-game, so you have to exit and restart SF4.
It’s ok taking extra time exiting out of the game, loading it up, skipping all the intro screens then setting it to the correct controls occasionally, but this is quite a busy tournament, so it’s kind of annoying

is there a program which detects multiple joysticks? (not at once, but recognizes the different joysticks so sf4 doesn’t have to) so SF4 recognises the program as a controller (which in turn is receiving inputs from interchanging joysticks)?

i don’t really know…i’m kind of new to this controller program stuff…:confused:
any help would be great!


Afaik, your best bet would be to have your next lineup of players plug their joysticks ahead of time into your extra USB ports and then simply have to restart the program once ever X number of matches (x depending on the number of ports you have).


it’s just how it works. use a ps3 for tournaments because it doesn’t have this problem.

eh my original response was kind of mean and unwarranted.


I’m pretty sure you only have to back out to the press start screen for it to recognize new controllers plugged in.

Still annoying though.


alright :frowning:
cheers for the help guys