Changing Dee Jay for AE ver. 2012

I think separating this from the general will be best because general should be for general strats, not a wishlist.

Honestly I’d like some damage buffs. Nothing too crazy but something that would make a difference. And give me that Max Out hit stun back. Make EX Maxout not suck (really wishful thinking)r

better hitboxes/hurtboxes on normal pokes
make u1 more useful for juggles

overhead would be nice :slight_smile:

I actually think DJ has great damage. Lots of damaging normals, MGU does a really good chunk, and lk upkicks doing 120 is great given how easy it is to land it. He doesn’t have really long combos like some characters, but damage isn’t his problem, in my experience.

What he really needs is a decent U1, and maybe slightly more safety on his sobats. Better footsies never hurt, but I kind of feel that the designers weren’t intending to make DJ a real footsies monster like Bison or Fei, so I don’t think that’s going to happen much.

Also, just to be really spoiled, I would love it if the cr.lp cr. lp link was as easy as it is for Cody. I’m 70% with the former but 100% with the latter. I don’t understand why it has to be harder. It does essentially the same thing.

They’re not going to change crouch mp. They gave us standing mp. I wish they gave us b+mp to be like cody or st dj.

As for deejay’s damage its ok. You guys just have to get better at hit confirming off one jab then crouch mp mgu. I’ve been doing it offline, but online I don’t bother.

Normals do good damage. Far mk does 110 if both hits connect.
I think the devs don’t want him to be a good character. If you look at the high tier then low its just not fair even in super.

Viper has ex seismo in U1 anywhere on screen and ex seismo has a lot of invincibility even though it stops before it hits. Ex mgu has only 4 frames of full invincibility. Considering the startup is long its a useless ground reversal.

Unthrowable ex mgu or more I frames would be nice.
Ex sobat more projectile invincibility for the guile matchup. I just want another way in. Focus dash in at most ranges gets you back fisted.

Another big problem I don’t think many may have not noticed is CH fierce not juggling crouching opponents. Why the Hell would deejay want to force stand somebody?

If deejay is going to be a zoning character get rid of ch during the duration.

In ST deejay is a jack of all trades, but a master of none.
He’s the same now in some senses.

Honestly I’m lame and I like lame fighters where everyone has to work compared to games where everyone has bullshit and you just abuse it the best you can. AE 2012 probably will still be the death of zoning. Can’t wait to read the other ideas you gents have.

I would really love to throw fireballs with df. If we had that and ch I would be fine.

Some things I’d like to see(Doesnt have to be all but maybe a combination of some of)
I want less push back on his cr.jabs
A little more blockstun on jabs maybe?
Super should be fully projectile invinc
1 less frame on slasher recovery or remove counter hit during duration of it.
Spaced Lk sobat should be completly safe.
U1 should be a better fire ball counter Ultra as it was intended to be…I dont really care about none juggle.
Faster st Feirce Punch recovery. I want those fire ball fakes.

Bigger window to do Dash U2. It’s a pretty complicated way to land Ultra considering some characters can Ultra from grabs. Not to mention the whole “making things more accessible for newcomers” thing going on. :stuck_out_tongue: Unnecessarily small window to perform it after a ex upper. Maybe increase lift from an ex upper would fix this.

Dash ultra should be left alone. There are plenty of players who got it consistently in AE compared to the people who could do it in Super.

Forgot about stand fierce recovery. That would be nice to have.
Making his super better is completely necessary. They did it for bison, but couldn’t do it for deejay? I’ve never seen a bison super lol its all for ex psycho and fadc. Ex psycho should be need on block so its easier to punish.

I agree that I don’t understand why they made the decision to not have fierce juggle crouching opponents on CH, but why is this such a big deal? At the moment there are precious few setups to land st. fierce as a counter hit, and the followups are limited to super, sobat, or st. roundhouse. Would making it juggle crouching opponents really change DJ’s game that much?

Agree that the lk sobat should be safe if spaced correctly. I think DJ’s play-style was conceptualised as involving a lot of horizontal space control using sobats, along with upkicks to keep the opponent from jumping. At the moment though, his tools just aren’t strong enough to allow a bison like pressure game. Making it safe still wouldn’t make DJ’s sobats as good as Bison’s scissor kicks, but it would result in a nice, varied pressure game between sobats, crossups and knee shots.

Dash U2 is fine, you gotta leave something in there for the hardcore crew, and I don’t necessarily think every character should have the same level of ultra usage. It’s fine that Ryu and Viper are going to end up using their ultras 3 games out of 4, while Akumas and Hondas land them far less. What isn’t is the fact that U1 is just almost never used. Capcom needs to decide whether they want this ultra to counter fireballs or juggle, and then actually make it DO that.

But, **I cant **Dash Ultra! falls out and starts kicking the floor like a kid:crybaby:

Deejay needs as much damage as he can get. Making his opponent juggle when crouching is more about making something work the way it should and less about the damage to be honest.

Agree with the second and third paragraphs.

  • If the first hit of U1 connects then the rest should as well
  • More range for U1
  • more invisibility on either Ex MGU or EX sobat (preferably sobat)

Ultra 1 actually being able to juggle fully after ex mgu

Delete far ST. Mp. I use it as a check occasionally, but close mp shits all over it.

Far fierce has better recovery, juggles on counter hit no matter what, can follow up with any normal/special

Spaced sobats are safe. Always lol.

Give ex dreads more fireball invincibility (I get knocked out of it sometimes and that shit should cease)

More invincible frames on ex mgu. Dee Jay is really free to pressure as I’ve noticed when I play against Yun’s

FADCs that actually work but give me a reason to want to burn the meter.

Super is completely FB invincible. if I was flipping around like that in real life believe I’d dodge any kind of slow plasma coming at me.

Some of these are musts, most are just me being selfish lol

St fierce juggle creates a free juggle state. Any move will connect.

o rly? did not know thanks pally

Yeah, I once hit someone with a knee shot after the juggle for epic damage.

Would it be unfair if the second hit on sobats broke armor too?

4f Cr. Short.
B-Strong command normal.
U1 Faster horizontal space and/or More fireball invincibility.

  • Juggle should get some damage off EX MGU a la Balrog.
    More hitstun on Air Slash.
    EX Airslash not being bad.

Wishful thinking:
Faster stand RH.

Reversion of CH Air Slash nerf
Reversion of Air Slash hitstun nerf
U1 should act just like Chun’s U1 in terms of speed

Greedy part:
Ability to FADC all upkicks
[S]Increase hitstun on all hits of all versions of MGU to allow FADC combos [/S] Edited because I’m a noob.

So we’re all in agreement with U1. It’s just a little ridiculous how an obviously anti fireball ultra is so bad at doing it’s job.

I like far st mp. I use it after I bait ppl with lp air slashers .

You can do fadc combos with deejays mgu.

if it works that’s ok, but i can’t get people to fall for it offline. its not as convincing at stand fierce.

-Ultra 1 ALL HITS after juggle would be sick and making it anti-fireball like chun’s would just be godlike.
-Totally agree with what Jcool said about making close a command normal like Cody’s b+mp! that would be FRICKIN NUTS. wouldn’t want to ‘delete’ far though Porter. like icefuzion said, you could fake with it and such and it kinda helps you with those far jump-ins hahah
-completely safe lk sobat would be dope too. dont complain too much about it.
-The whole “overhead” thing that was going around before AE got my kinda excited HAHA. A decent overhead would be Ridiculous!

In all honesty, im happy with how DeeJay is as of now and a tad bit more buffs would make things a lot more better and fun, but at the same time I hope they don’t make DeeJay some “A” tier status though. I like playing the underdog character and wouldn’t want some DeeJay bandwagon stuff going on…:smiley: