Changing dreamcast arcade stick buttons?

Hey guys

I’ve got an official dreamcast arcade stick, but I want to do some simple aesthetic changes to it

I know what I need to do to swap out the stick, but as for the buttons I’d prefer not having to file down the holes to put in new ones

Does anyone know if Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons will fit without altering? OBSF-30’s need more space made

just wondering if anyone knew anything

24mm Buttons do not match 28mm holes.

ah ha there we go then

I didnt realize they were 28mm <_< for some reason i measures them and thought the actual part that is pushed was the diametre needed

looks like the dremel is coming out =[

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

The plastic holes are about 30mm, and Sanwa buttons fit. The metal plate holes are about 28mm. You will have to file down those button surrounds to get the buttons to snap to both the metal and the plastic.

You can put the dremel down if you decide you can live with 28mm crown buttons. Might have to cut the tabs off the holes though.

You will also have to solder wires to the bottom of those model of crowns.