Changing from Q to Ibuki

Just like another member of the forums I’m changing from Q to Ibuki (after deciding between Ibuki, Elena and Necro) because I feel that I wanted a more agile character. Thing is that unlike the other guy I’m not very good at all, I hardly know the basics.

I’ve read through the faq and guide here, but I’m still very confused on how to execute a SCJ/SJC or what I should do in order to get closer to the opponent. Maybe a vet Ibuki could give me some hints, or point me to a part of the faq I must’ve missed? It seems all guides so far take it for granted that you know how to execute everything in them >_>

“Just like another member of the forums I’m changing from Q to Ibuki”

I’m guessing you are talking about me?

I was down to Elena, Ibuki and Oro. I think Ibuki is the way to go in your trio also.

Not having spent too much time with Q might actually help you here. The difference between Q and Ibuki is so vast I actually think I had to relearn some aspects of the game when switching over.

SJ is just like normal jumping, but you hit the opposite direction first. So if you wanna jump up, hit down and then up really fast. Don’t think of it as down (pause) then up, its almost one motion. I tap down and then actually let the stick reset itself in neutral, and right before it stops in neutral I tap up.

A SJC is interrupting anything with a SJ. The thing you will use this the most for is your standing close HK. Practice doing SJs and then practice standing close HK into SJ.

To get an idea of what skilled Ibuki play looks like (or what you should be ready to learn) check out Aruka videos on youtube. Other good Ibuki players are fume and red I think.

Personally, out of all the differences between Q and Ibuki, I think ratio of defence and offense is the biggest game play difference. Q is like 90% turtle and 10% smash face. Ibuki is like 90% pressure and 10% jump away and throw shit.

Let me know if you have any questions.

LOL. I thought I was seeing things for a second.

Yup, I did mean you! At first the change was only between Necro and Elena since I think Necro is awesome while not being too slow and Elena simply looked like an interesting choice. When I saw you change to Ibuki though I thought “Man, playing an agile character would be sweet and Ibuki has fun moves” so… yeah!

I didn’t know you could interrupt moves with that jump, I barely use it at all! By the sound of it I’m gonna twist my fingers attempting to sneak a super in there, lol. Thanks for the advice though I’ll get right on it!

Because SA1 is the only way to go if I’ve understood things right?

Yeah, personally I think all of Ibuki’s supers suck… her EX moves on the other hand are awesome (mainly EX QCB+K). I use SA1 for EX bar and chip kills.

Also about the SJC, it’s not for all moves. Its actually a very small specific list. The ones you really need to know about are close HK and standing HK. Also, it only works if it connects. more later, i need to eat or I’m going to die.

I kind of miss Critical combo, but I like the chip damage on the… flying thing. What do I have to know about standing HK and close HK?

Edit: Oh I see now! SJC is fairly easy!

When should I use the EX Kunais? Right now I’m just throwing them out randomly when I’m in the air, but that feels like a waste of the meter! Should they only be incorporated in combos or what?

And uh… what’s a good mix-up? What is the most commonly used combo?

I use EX kunais when I know I’m going to land it or when they are ready for a chip finish. The thing you wanna save your meter for is EX QCB-K, DP-K and super.

Combos I use…
MK into QCB-P
cr.LK into QCB KK
close.LP, MP, C.HK, standing HK, SJC into stuff
for a stunned opponite, jump in with HP, (land) MK, QCB-P

In the air, HP, toward MK is great. Use it.

Ibuki is really different from Q in the way that Q has one or two combos. Ibuki has like 20. You will just have to kind of feel it out. Learning how to confuse and poke is actually a bigger part of Ibuki’s game than raw combos I think. To.MK, To.HK are great pokes for someone who wants to play at a safe distance (just out of shoto sweep). From this position you can slide, RDP MK overhead and lots of other safe-ish stuff. I normally play at this distance and irritate until they do something stupid, thats when I move in and kick their ass.

One last thing, learn how to get under jumping opponites and get the close HK. If I’m grounded, I’m walking toward the enemy. If they jump, continue forward and then slide using MK, if you timed this write the enemy has now jumped over you and you can HK (launch) SJC, HP, to.MK.

Kunais are good for meaty attacks, and when thrown late, you can combo off of them. It’s only good to use them late when you know your opponent is expecting to parry/block your jump-ins, otherwise you’ll eat a DP or some AA pokes.

Also, you can use kunais as a crossup rather than mk.

Just throw out EX Kunais randomly on a 65% frequency basis and let them block or parry. Its good pressure sometimes. I’ve seen it work,you know, they call me ‘Twin Knife Ibuki’.

65% frequency?

So, throw more EX kunai than normal kunai? I throw me the shit out of some kunai’s, meaning I would have negative 2 supers worth of meter if I EX’d 65% of the time. I would say that 10% is a better number. If its pressure you want, single kunai’s are much better. Save that meter for a super and deal far, far more chip. Hint for Antas, a nice way to ensure that SA1 chip kill is to RDP-K, into SA 1. This does make you available for an anti-air, just judge your opponites ability and character choice to react to the attack. Remember, you don’t need to actually hit with it, you just need to avoid an anti-air and connect.

Well this depends how much you build up your metre, and how agreesive you are. I think constantly building metre either by putting pressure on the opponent or just by whiffing, you can build your metre enough.

Thanks for the advice, but exactly what is RDP? I read it as “Right Dragon Punch” but that doesn’t seem to make any sense.

“Reverse dragon punch”

And I think its spelled “meter” Roshi.

Is SA1 really worth executing though? It almost feels as if the chip damage as as much as the normal damage.

I don’t really understand how it works. Sometimes when it hits it does a ton of damage, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I mash buttons and a lot of kunais come out, and sometimes they don’t.

I rarely use it anyway… I use it sometimes to finish someone if they are close to dying. Ibuki doesn’t really need it to win. Plus I don’t often use it as it is easily punishable by certain characters.


Hmm, I’ve been playing Ibuki lately but almost only against AI opponents since basically all my friends playing 3S lives far away from me. I know that the AI is fucking awful and never falls for a trick, but what would be good mix-up to use in general… or what would be a good “set up” so I may hit with a Low roundhouse?

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Twin Knife Ibuki FTW!

Ok Roshi, I’m ganna call You TKI for now on.

EDIT: Is there anything thing that can be the same with Q and Ibuki? I.E. Defence and openings… Zoning and whatever… Anything they have in common Basically?