Changing from Q to Ibuki

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I think the best part about the knife super is using it as a very safe throw mixup.

in situations where you might commonly throw (say after xx qcf+lk) you can instead tiger knee the knife super, it’s pretty darn safe on block, deals massive chip and reasonable damage on hit.

If you watch aruka, he does this quite frequently.

Tiger knee?

To “tiger knee” something means to do a QCF but then continue the motion into a jump. Once in the air you do one more QCF and the game counts both the QCFs. The only thing that matters really is if you are in the air when you hit the button.

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EDIT: ya i just reread the posts, not you man…

TKing SA1 to counter throws is good in throw situations. I would like to practice it mainly because it seem interesting, but I don’t use SA1… And i don’t want to become attatched to it.

As far as similarities between Q and Ibuki… oddly enough, certain situations (on wake-up, for example) where defense is called for they can function similarly, from what i’ve seen.

Like on wake-up, itususually bestto block and react rather than guess. For Q because he doesn’t have much he can do outside a super and for Ibuki because she gets killed if she guesses wrong.

Well, I’ve become better, but I feel that I still would like to learn some of the tricks you people use. Maybe something simple? What’s a simple tricky link/cancel/combo?

Umm… Focus on getting good with light punch pressure. I kinda avoided it for a bit, but learning when to put on the close game pressure with the LP, MP, so on, strings is really something Ibuki does well and shouldn’t be skipped on.

low short, far jab link

I don’t know if that hit confirms into much else besides a garbage target combo.

What’s crazy about Ibuki is that she is very space dependant, but at the zaniest times. Like, there’s some good stuff that you want to use but some of it is not best up close but ro kinda close so you’re constantly switching between things in close to things to pressure from a little bit away to things to getyou back in close (repeat).

It’s a cool idea for a playstyle. If only other characters didn’t just… have things that are good everywhere with greater payoff…

You can actually link the low short to her LP,MP, F+LK. If you’re using SA3 you can Super after the LP or even the MP. SA3 is her only hit confirm super. Just which she had more then one bar…

that’s the garbage target combo i was talking about.

can you combo an ex qcb+KK after the jab or strong?

either way it’s a solid setup, cause you can cancel the strong into a ghetto qcf+P or a rdp+K mixup or a qcf+LK dash mixup.

super ghetto.

I gotta check to see if anythign nice combos off the s.strong for us SA1 users.

you can ex qcb + KK from low short or low jab. The target combo you can not. If I don’t have ex meter I tend to use her taget combo or mk > raida for damage. It has great stun count too.

Am I the only SA3 Ibuki out there? D: (that constantly uses it anyway)

I saw a post about the kunai super not always working. You gotta mash punch buttons, and I prefer mashing the same one that I used to trigger the super. She’ll throw ten times instead of four, doing 20+ hits; the block damage is worth wasting the bar on; if you’re at a safe distance, cause they will rail you.

A nifty; easy combo with alot of different endings that I prefer is:, standing fk, jab, forward+mk, SA3
As i said it has alot of different ending, so it also works as, standing fk, jab, RDP+k, SA1, standing fk, mk, RDP+k, SA1, standing fk,jab (then do an “instant sa1” to trick the opponent, which only works if you’ve done one of the previous three at some point, so they think they know what’s coming).

It’s simple and effective, but not exactly something they won’t see coming. A good shoto will almost always dp you near the end, so you can feign; or parry it and expand.

Also, I prefer SA3, because in my opinion it puts more pressure on the opponent, and is a FAST charging super. You can get full meter almost 10 seconds into the match if you’re aggressive enough; so even if you use EX moves, you’ll end up just getting it back again! If you’re constantly in the face of the opponent, at any time if you land a standing close mk, or forward mk (her overhead) you can pop the super; which will keep the opponent on their toes. The stun of the super is insanely high too; which most of her moves are.

More simple ibuki tricks are along the lines of a feigned jump in, where the opponent feels they can parry you, simply land and raida on touch down; almost always work against people that try to parry alot.

Using qcf+k is dangerous but can be used for baiting and keeping the opponent reeling backwards. If you’ve been in their face constantly, and start doing it to get closer to them right after hits, it can cause confusion, but isn’t very safe. (Actually i’d avoid doing it more often than none). Doing a short one, while decently close, can cause a jumpy player to try to sweep or DP, leaving them open for an actual attack.

The advancing jab! Possibly the most annoying, but effective “trick” ever. Since ibuki jabs faster than…basically anyone in the game; you can hold forward (towards the opponent) and jab constantly, it’ll stop them from doing…ANYTHING. (Aside from well timed DP or an EX DP). They’ll have to parry or get you close enough to throw you to get out of it…errr that ofcourse has exceptions, at ton of them, but still when in doubt and at your last resort, give it a shot; saved my butt a few times. (also costed me my ass a few times too).

Hrm, since I’m still learning about Ibuki I can’t really say anything i just typed is seriously reliable xD But it’s what I do; and it works nicely for me…though I have an unorthadox style which could explain that…

*, standing fk, jab, forward+mk, SA3 *

What is fk and mk? I thought they were the same thing up until now!

That’s what happens when people mix around connotations. Using his connotation FK would = fierce kick. Which is the same as hard kick. Some people refer to both hard attacks as fierce attacks.

Except that hard kick is “roundhouse” not “fierce kick”

And hard punch is simply “fierce”




Don’t get too dependant on the jab lockdown.

2 out of 3 of Ibuki’s worst matchups in my opinion (Chunners and Yun) can straight duck the jab.

I think it works on the third (Makoto).