Changing Hori buttons on HRAP?

I’ve heard it’s fairly simple to do. Is it? Main reason I ask is because I pretty much missed out on the SF4 TE stick and want to have something for SF4 launch. I know after getting the buttons it would actually cost a little bit more, but that’s no big deal to me at this point.

Removing HORI buttons is covered in this thread.

I was going to suggest you wait for the next batch of TE sticks but you said you wanted something for launch so nevermind. BTW why are you getting a HORI stick instead of the regular FightStick? The FightStick won’t have the Sanwa stick, but that’s easily moddable as well.

Ah, excellent. I assume this would likely be the same for the HRAP EX?

I’ve never seen the inside of one, but that tutorial shows how to remove buttons from quick disconnects. And I’m pretty sure the EX uses quick disconnects.

I’d rather get the FightStick over the EX, even after the cost of buying the buttons it won’t be as expensive as the price for the EX.

Also the HRAP series are heavy which is ok for some, but personally it’s a pain to lug it around to friend’s houses and tournaments.

The cost of buttons shouldn’t run too high, maybe $30, and the switchout time should be maybe 15 minutes. Not a bad stick to have at launch at all.
Make sure to practice with the new sanwas, they’re so much nicer than Hori’s.

On the subject of swapping out buttons. If I were to disconnect the two right-most buttons and fill the holes with button plugs, what do I do with the loose wires inside the case? Wrap them in electrical tape or something?

Or tape them down to the case somewhere.

I was actually thinking of swapping them out with Seimitsus, specifically these:

I have Sanwas in my modded EX2 and like them, but I’d like something I could rest my fingers on a little more easily.

I think the OBSM-30A’s from Akihabarashop let you keep the wires connected… you just replace the plunger only.