Changing stick harness in cabinet


okay so I want to change my leads in my cabinet to accept a 5 pin sanwa connector and sanwa sticks. The cabinet is an Impress and they are stocked with seimitsu parts so I know there will probably be some issues with where the ground is located and orientation of the directions but my main question is this;

I have currently sticks without a 5 pin connector so I wanted to splice in the sanwa 5 pin connector so I can use different sticks since I got a new CP with different mounting options. I already have 2 sets of sticks with the correct mounts so I would rather use these then wait for some new ones. So my main question is when modding this what do I do with all the extra grounds that would normally connect to each individual switch (4 per side). Can I just remove 3 of them from the wiring block and leave one to connect to the ground on the 5 pin? If so does it matter which ones I remove?

I hope this makes sense, let me know if more clarification/pics are needed.

Thanks fellas


you can put a set of spade connectors that look like the opposite end of the QDs on your seimitsu sticks. That way, you can also still have the possibility to go back to your old Seimitsus if you want.


yup thats what I was thinking but Im just not clear on the ground wires, you have any thoughts?


There’s a single ground, which should be daisy-chained to all microswitches on the seimitsu’s. That same single ground should be used for the single ground on the sanwa 5-pin connector. If you’re looking to make an adapter, do single ground->single ground (via adapter)->daisy-chained grounds, for the seimitsu.


right on man, thanks. I shoulda looked closer at the CP, I figured there was individual grounds coming from the wiring block in between the loom and the CP, but youre right, they are all daisy chained. This should be a simple fix then. Any problems you are priivy to using the sanwa 5 pin connector on a seimitsu stick? As long as I have the directional issue accounted for before spilicing the original wiring into the 5 pin Im guessing it should be fine but anything else you know would be helpful.

thanks man


If the connector actually fits on the seimitsu (it should), and the pinout is the same (it should), nah, no problem.


got it all sorted out now nicely, after a few hours and a gang of zip ties got the CP fitted with new sticks and its ready to go. Check out this thread if you are interested inseeing the cabinet; capcom Impress!

I basically just took out 3 of the grounds that were daisy chained in there, brought the remaining 1 ground wire plus 1 start ground and 3 punch grounds (per side) and used a screw on connector. Put Female QDs on those leads and male ones on the 5 pin connector leads and its all set. Heres a few pics if anyone is interested…

thanks for the input fellas!