Changing stick in the TE fightsticks


I recently got a TE round 2. I know its a sanwa stick but it feels lighter and just not as good as a sanwa stick i have in a custom joystick i had made a cpl years back. Are the sticks that come in the TE a cheaper version that sanwa makes? Im gonna replace the joystick in the TE with the stick in my custom. Ive never done any modding or anything. Can someone point me towards a tutorial on how to change the joysticks for the TE? IS there any soldering (sp) or anything like that involved or is it a simple unscrew type deal?


it’s the same exact joystick if you have a jlf. most likely your old stick is worn in. it’s possible it might have a heavier duty spring. i think if you had the old stick maintenanced then it might play similar to the jlf in your TE. just double check your old jlf uses a 5 pin harness. if it does, then you can swap it in. compare the mounting plates as well.


The case the stick is in will affect the feel as well. That’s probably the only difference (other than wear/tear) if both sticks are JLFs.


I put a Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Joystick and its stiffer than the stock JLF my TE-S had. Maybe you had this one?


Sanwa does not make a cheaper version of their flagship Joystick.
It is the Case the Joystick is in which makes feel different.


from what i hear this^ man is never wrong so there you go, questioned answered ;p


The stick in my custom feels heavier and a good bit tighter so i was just curious. Id still like the info on changing them out if anyone knows?


You just remove the Ball Top.
Do so by putting a flathead screwdriver to end of Shaft and twisting off Ball Top.

Then you disconnect the Wire Harness to Joystick.

Last you remove the four screws securing Mounting Plate with Joystick from the Mounting Bracket.


One factor you may not be taking into account is that your custom may have the stick mounted high and you are gripping the shaft lever from a lower height. If you are gripping the TE from a higher height than your custom it may feel different because the shaft height affects leverage force. It is like being closer to the center of a see saw.


This perception never goes away…

Some people think the JLF in the Mad Catz TE is different from the JLF in the Hori HRAP or other cases! It’s another urban myth/thread topic that just won’t die! :sweat:

Same joysticks, guys. The difference might be the springs or quality of manufacture for the particular year a joystick model gets released. Let’s call it the “Seimitsu PS-14-G” factor… => The inevitable result of outsourcing to cheaper foreign factories where lower-paid labor doesn’t particularly about the quality of the parts they put out.

I never really noticed a difference between the JLF in the TE vs the HRAP. Same parts, same feel. Same JLF flat mounting plate in both joysticks unless we’re talking the cheaper Hori licensed joysticks that don’t use a JLF flat mounting plate.

(The only difference I can think of might be the angle that your hands rest at on the joystick base I guess. Many people seem to be more comfortable with the angles on the Viewlix-styled case. I wouldn’t know… I pretty much lie my hands flat on both the HRAP and TE cases!!)

Where the JLF’s get to feel different (in my opinion) is when you start screwing around with the springs and adding more springs or changing microswitches (some people like cherry switches better!) or doing all these mods to reduce “dead zones” and make sticks snap back faster!

Just adding an extra spring to the stick will make it feel different. It’s nearly impossible to add springs to all your sticks and have them all feel the same. Springs are different individually (especially if you mix brands – as close as a Hori T5 spring is to a JLF spring it’s not quite the same…) and it’s next to impossible to put the joystick back together exactly the same way all the time and recreate that “perfect tension.” Depending on the amount of play you put on each of your joysticks it changes the tension. As you roll the joystick or push rapidly in directions it changes the way the added spring coils around the original spring. The springs do intertwine and that can make life very interesting for a player if the resulting tension gets too high… or too loose.


yeah, i bet a lot has to do with the way that its mounted.
i have a TE stick and it feels a certain way… i have an arcade in a box stick and though the only difference in the JL is the way its wired (TE is harness, Arcade in a Box is soldered on points), its gotta be the fact that one is on a tin flat plate and the other is on a super solid wooden board with the proper dual layer mounting and all that crap.

i use the TE most because of the bezel. i have carpal and the edges where your wrist would go KILLS me and causes all kinds of ache all day long.