Changing Template For A Round 1 TE Need Some Input On Balltop Color & Pushbuttons


Just Wondering I’m Currently In The Process Of Changing The Picture Of A Round 1 TE Stick I Bought As A Gift For My Younger Brother For His Birthday In Time For MvC3 I Got A New Temp. From KaboXx I Was Just Looking For Suggestions For What Color Balltop & Pushbuttons I Should Put On This Stick??

This Is What KaboXx Suggested To Me…

I Just Want To Make This Look As Good As Possible For My Little Brother…
I Have No Experience In Doing This And I’m Gonna Get The Artwork And Plexi Done By Art’s Hobbies.

Any Suggestions Would Be Great!!!


You could go like a red base with yellow plungers or vice versa, it may look kind of weird though.


Black base, red plungers, black OG meshball.

You’ll thank me later


OG Meshball? I’m Lost Lol


Sanwa LB-35-MESH Meshball, Black


^Thanks For Clearing That Up