Changing the angle of the TE Fightstick Quick & Easy mod^^

Hi there i like it when my stick is a bit higher on the “upper” side

nice and easy way to gain a better angle

just use two Caps of 1 liter bottles (Cola Bottles as excample) drill a hole inside and put them betwean the screws and the rubberfeet fit nice and smooth and the stick has (in my humble opinion) a better angle for playing

one of the screws of my TE Stick was smaler maybe becouse of the inside so you need to change them with one of the others AND TAKE SURE if you do not like it and want it back like it was to take the smaller back on place (above the START/Select button)

maybe someone like this idea i love it now even more to play with the stick ^^:)

heres a picture of it :

the rubberfeet keep it still on place and if you insert a little paper betwen the rubberfeet and the coke cap it will touch the table with his full area

very neat idea!!!

do you use this on your lap? because when im playing the TE stick tends to angle downwards because its on my legs… so I think this may help

Thats really cool, I might be looking to do that now.
Thanks for sharing! =)