Changing the artwork on a TE stick

Has Markman or anyone posted a guide on what you need to change the artwork on the TE stick? Like whats the ideal resolution,dimensions,etc.? I’ve looked around but haven’t found anything specific to the TE stick. I have no idea what to ask for when walking into FedEx/Kinkos.

idk but you have a great avatar.

MarkMan has said in the MadCatz stick thread that the artwork it fused plexi(or some kind of acrylic). To change it your going to need to cut your own acrylic and art. He also said he would post a template up after(or around) launch. So just wait, I’m sure there will be at least a few threads on the main page with the template in it.

I wonder if there’ll be people selling customized decal for such a stick :stuck_out_tongue:

ShinJN has posted some videos on youtube showing how to mod the TE FightStick. Here’s one where he talks about replacing the artwork:


He doesn’t specify the dimensions, but MarkMan should be posting the art template very soon.

I finished my writeup awhile ago. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, but there is some info in there (preview pics, initial concepts etc.)… Also the art templates for both sticks are in there!

Check it out… via

so…merely having laminated art won’t do? How can we get that kind of acrylic

Use lami-label. Someone should make a thread specifically for custom art.

yea my main concern with lami-label at fedex is that they dont do sizes bigger than letter page…and this template is a tad bit bigger.