Changing the music

Can’t seem to find the option to change from character themes to stage themes. Anyone know how to do it?

Such an option doesn’t exist.

Capcom pls…

Yooooo, that’s not cool. I really dig some of the stage themes. :neutral:

The stage music plays when you play matches via the Battle Lounge.

Is the battle lounge fully up and running good now? Haven’t tried it yet.

No. I was only able to get into 2 out of the 10 matches I tried in the lobbies and I was kicked after the first match by the servers. This was after the hot fix

I just had a good set at the Lounge. It was working just fine. Glad I can listen to stage themes there. Thanks a bunch.

Hmm weird. Maybe I gotta set it PS4 hardware only or something because I keep getting disconnects. But you’re welcome

I take it there is no way currently to get character themes in local play it seems to default to stage theme?

Gotta play ranked or casual matches to get character themes.

Seriously, this game needs more tracks all around and more options to change them.
Like what Super did for SFIV.

And besides, stages are preatty boring, don’t really like them for now.
You know, what i am really missing is the “underground fighting tournament” feel. Like two bad dudes, fighting in a dark streets with rain and ugly people watching in background (now, we have dancer and dancer and happy people everywhere).
Waiting for new york subways alex’s stage!