Changing your primary character as a title evolves

Just was thinking…

How long does it take the average player to switch their main character to something better as the game said character is in enters into a new sequel?

For example, I’ve stuck with Lei since Tekken 2. Ups and downs. Way downs. But I’ve only ever reluctantly just put him to the side while I work with other, better and more improved characters as the series changes. Yet, I’ve known, if I need to win more consistently, I need to pick up others.

Most people feel like they should stick with the character they know the best, even through sequels, but there is a point where switches should be made.

Where is that point?

And what is the time frame difference between top tournament players choosing a new character and just good players choosing a new character?

I would think there is a certain state of mind that makes one think that their main character from two years ago should still work out in the next generation. Do serious players still stick with that mentality?

And is there a point in certain games that are overhauled where a person’s main character from the previous game is too different from the top-tier in the new game that there is no moving forward? Just sticking with the tried and true?

Anyway, I think I’ve been drinking. Hopefully someone understands me.

It depends on the game. My main is who ever I feel like it when I feel like it. I don’t have some false sense of loyalty toward a character.

For instance I play Geese in CVS2 because he’s bad ass. I don’t main him in other titles because he plays a bit differently in all of them, makes it kinda awkward.

In titles that I don’t play to often I generally have the same character for every sequel. In Soul Calibur 2 I picked Raphael, 3 I stayed with him and four I’ll most likely still be him.

I play main different guys in every SF game. Ken for 3rd strike, Boxer for Super Turbo, Guy for Alpha, Dictator and Sagat in CVS.

Well to finish this drunk babble. I’m not really sure what the question is in this thread. But as I can say, a persons main is who ever they’re most comfortable with.

I understand. But there is a certain comfort level with a character that everyone has. When the new game comes out, what is the thought process that goes into abandoning that character and putting effort into a new one?

I guess the answer is “When I start getting my ass kicked with my old character, I change it.”

In reference to the last post, it’s different when you stick with a title through the years and don’t pick up games that are already out and being played.

I tend to like playing fresh games, so when I play a new character in a game, it makes it seem more fresh to me. So in most games I play, I’ll play a different character in the sequel, and most of the time, it’s the “new girl.” I’m not gonna list every single thing, but an example is Tekken 4 to Tekken 5. I played Julia in T4, and instead of sticking with her in T5, I went to Asuka. SC1 to SC2, i went from Mina to Talim. SC2 to SC3 I went from Talim to Cassandra (while not a new character, she was new to me in terms of maining her). Even in Arcana Heart, i’m super loyal to Lilica, but in Arcana 2, I’m leaning toward playing a new character just because it has more variety and feels more like I’m playing a new game.

I pick the girl with the most gimmicks. If I find out I can get maximum output from another character than I make the change. I usually just main the character I’m most efficient with. (Not dropping combos, high damage output etc.)

new game, usually new character. unless i REALLY like their changes.

I usually decide to change when I’m no longer getting any more out of the character I’m currently using. Even if you know there are more things to the character that you might not be able to do yet because it’d require better execution or whatever, sometimes you just feel like you’ve maxed out your current potential with that character along with the interest you have to continue trying to master him/her. No matter how much you might enjoy winning, I feel like a lot of people still pick their characters out of pure interest. Even if people eventually move over to picking “top tier” characters, doesn’t mean there’s no interest other than purely winning there as a good fighting game always allows for enough room for any player with enough skill and dedication to squeeze out a win with their favorite character… in theory anyways.

I’m in no way a tournament player but when I start a new game I’ll start with a character I’m somewhat familiar with. This is to get a feel for the game and how it works. Then I’ll switch to someone new if I feel the need to.

I try to find the character everyone whores, then pick chars that aren’t that char, yet I can beat the overused char consistently with. I end up with some weird char selects due to that.
I pretty much main King in 98 for that reason, and learned Mai and Yuri to get the special music in 98.

I too played Lei for the longest time, and then switched to Eddy in Tekken Tag, moving Lei to partner mode, but since, Eddy has been my main.

I think if a new character comes along that fits your style better, you need to switch, regardless of “loyalties.”

With that being said, I have not switched my main from Chun-Li since I started in Street Fighter; just my secondaries (Dhalsim in the original SF2, Sagat SF2T+ & Alpha, Ibuki in 3s, Chun-Li/Wolverine was my main team in XvSF, secondary being Sakura/Gambit, haven’t played much of MVC or CVS to really have any kind of setup there, SF4…?)

I tend to start out with whomever I end up liking the best from casual play as my main, but after playing the same game for years it tends to breathe a bit more life into it to switch mains. I’ve played top tiers, low tiers, mid tiers, girls guys, etc, just depends on how long I’ve played a game and whose play styles I like the most.

Speaking from experience, I tried switching characters for a period of about 8 months. My execution was on point and I knew how to kill people quickly. In the end, it didn’t work out, because despite what I learned with my new main, his overall style wasn’t something I understood on the level of my old main. I switched back, with greater success, mostly due to fresh eyes on an old trick.

Sometimes you have to stick with your guns. Or, at least, stick with what feels right. Switch if it feels right, but sometimes all you need is a break or a new perspective.

Yeah, switch only if you’re feeling it, don’t switch because you think you have to.

Exactly it’s all in feeling.

I switched from AH1 Yoriko to AH2 Yoriko, does that count

It depends.
I never played ST seriously but when I did I would usually main Cammy. Didn’t realy anyone else. However, now that I’m around more competent players, I’ve switched to Balrog(Boxer). I like how he plays and he is a much much better character. If ST remix buffs Cammy I’ll pick her up again.

Kof was leona, iori, andy to begin with. Leona kept getting nerfed to the point where I couldn’t stand playing her. Iori got stale so I dropped him, and Andy just getter so I kept him.

I’m dropping Kira in AH2 because she isn’t the same character I was so drawn to in the beginning. All my old tricks just don’t work and even if she is better(Don’t see how she would be) I won’t enjoy playing her nearly as much.

other fighters I have generally been able to stick with whoever I mained to begin with. I pick based on who I like from character standpoint and who matches my playstyle. If character doesn’t work for me I won’t force it(well aside from I-no anyway), I mean at the end of the day the idea is still to win matches. I do have to enjoy playing the character though.

SFII chun li> cammy > boxer

SFA: only cared for A2 so no need to change.

SF3(retired long ago): Stuck with Alex all the way through.

KOF: leona/iori/andy > Leona/Goro/Andy > Angel/Chin/Andy > B.jenet/Clark/Benimaru(only briefly as KOF XI got old real quick)

DS Morrigan > Donovan > Aulbath

VF: Wolf > Goh

Yeah, you switched from a crappy character to a good character.

For me, the intrigue of new characters lures me for a while, but I find myself going back to old faithfuls as the sequels age. The only exception is 3rd Strike, where I tried to use my girl Chun-Li, but found her to be too different, and she also happens to be a cunt in 3S, so I decided to go with Elena. I’ll probably be back to Chun in Street Fighter IV, but Crimson Viper and Bison might be alts for me given how badass both of them are. I’ve always been a Bison fan.

Same I’m always lured to use Bison in fighting games. Most games though I usually stray away from him after a while :-o.

im loyal to top tier characters