Changsha长沙 and Wuhan武汉 Arcades


I posted about this in the Beijing thread, but I guess it would probably be better to create my own thread about it maybe bring more attention to it.

I will be living in Changsha, Hunan from 8/8-8/31 and Wuhan, Hubei from 9/1-June of 2013…Basically just looking for any kind of a scene here? I play marvel, sf, tekken, kof, whatever is big in that region I’ll play it. I just need something to do when I’m not with my gf or in class…I tried to find things on 17utt but navigating that site wasn’t too easy and i just found a bunch of Beijing places…

Any help at all would be appreciated…also…For people that have gone from USA-China, have you had any problems getting arcade sticks through customs? I dont know if i should bring my stick or not…i may just sell it before i leave…anyway Thanks


I am not familiar with those places’ scene, what i can tell you is that i just got a original CD key for ssf4 from taobao for less than 20 rmb (3-4 dollars i believe) and was very suprised by the very BIG pool of players on PC all from China (can easily find a game in less than 30 secs even past 1am) and the lag is pretty decent as well with 90% of the players on 3 bars If you can’t find a local scene, this is my suggestion.

If you are lucky enough to own a stick for xbox like i did, it should be plug and play on pc/laptop.


yea my stick works on pc, but my laptop can’t run sf4 already tried it…my stick is dual modded…i really dont know if i want to drag it with me to china though…


Still can’t find an arcade in Changsha. ;-; been here a while now. I don’t want to go to far alone since I’m here on a student visa and this isn’t the town my visa is for …also bad Chinese. But if anyone knows of an arcade anywhere in this city lmk. I’m down for paying a taxi 30元 to play some games.


Visas don’t have a town? Anyway, I heard Changsha is kind of a dump, you can try searching on baidu or sth. As for Wuhan, its like one of the strongest Tekken communities in China (in the same league, as Shanghai, Wuhan and Nanjing, Meigang, who went to SBO this year, is from Wuhan). Probably play SF there as well… outside of mahjong and video games, they don’t really have anything else to do, so I hear…


Lol that’s not really what I meant about the visa. Yea I already know the two best arcades in wuhan. Both are tekken heavy but only one has ttt2 it’s really far from me though. I’m really just trying to find a decent one in Changsha now. And yeah I can tell the place is a dump im here lol but everything is super cheap because of that. My gf said she knows where a few are but we aren’t going to look until Saturday. I’m just bored as hell. It’s fun to just go sit outside though cause I’m a 6’2" red headed guy everyone stares. Anyway I’ll get her to check since she is Chinese thanks for the info


Found one in changsha had one tekken 6 only one guy was playing and he refused to play me. 1 sf4 vanilla. 1 KoF 13. 5 KoF 97. 1 KoF 2000. 1 blazblue cs and a few samurai showdown. All of them were inside old street fighter cabs and had KoF instructions. Except tekken 6 it was a huge set up but only had one. Even though the arcade was covered with fighting game things all over the walls and such. Oh and it had 1 sf2. It’s in “walking street” If you know what that is. Sun set arcade open every day 9-2am. I was only able to play against my gf in kof13 nobody there looked very good and refused to play me after I did 1 combo in KoF. Kind of sad cause I suck at KoF.


Found the second arcade it’s next to the movie theater near walking street above Walmart. This arcade was way nicer and had lots of newer games. But not fighting games. 1 sf4 vanilla and the rest was all kof but no one good was there Sunday. Only people mashing buttons so idk…guess the Fgc in changsha just doesn’t exist.