Chaos Breaker (by Eolith) coming to PSN!

There aren’t too many 2D sprite-based fighters on PSN (Xbox Live Arcade is a different story thanks to strong support from SNK Playmore). Recom will be providing some relief for PlayStation 3 combatants through the upcoming Dark Awake.

This 2D team-based fighter appears to be Taito’s 2004 Type X fighter Chaos Breaker, operating under its pre-release name. Recom apparently acquired the rights to the game and has decided to bring to to PS3 owners in download form.

Developed by Korean developer Eolith, Dark Awake has a fantasy theme, giving you access to a cast of 22 fighters that includes barbarians, dwarves and trolls. Players form a team from three characters and pick up weapons and items while facing off against an opponent.

The PSN version includes an arcade mode that mathces the arcade version, an online mode with ranking and friend match options, and a practice mode that lets you practice as your favorite character. Recom is also equipping the game with voice chat, Trophies, and the ability to directly register people you’ve fought as your friends.

Dark Awake will see PSN release this Summer at ¥2000.


Hopefully it comes to US PSN.

EDIT: Miss original link, sorry:

From NeoGAF

Where did you get this from? I’m genuinely surprised that Eolith is going to bring this game to consoles. In a good way.


Damn, didn’t know you were in the game son.

Post a news link or stfu.



Yin gonna get an undying boner when he sees this.

Sorry miss original links and all, I hope its real, so I post it here. First time I hear of this game myself, looks really good, I want to try it out, so I hope its true.


wait a minute, what’s not real about this? like, shrug, i trust andriasang

i guess it’s a good thing i didn’t buy a typeX and shit

XBL release please

I forgot to post the source, so people thought I was just messing around. =/

But then you replied back saying you forgot to post the source, and then followed up with “I hope it’s real”, but no where in the source does it say or imply a rumor. Please don’t play with our hearts. But that’s behind us.

Now, how do we get non US PSN games? I know people did this with Tekken:DR.

You create a japanese account and buy a JP PSN card.

I have never heard of this game before.

FIXED!!! :cool:

This game seems interesting…

I can haz Nsidor infinite on psn :smiley:

Gotta find somebody to Dual Mod the TE.

Fuck that. Release it on XBL. I don’t play my Triple ever anyway.

I reply back, but I posted the source on the first post.

Best animated 2d fighter ever.